Here are some tips for salons to deal with the lull periods through the year

LSalons typically experience a massive rush during the festive and wedding season. Experienced stylists and owners are in great demand during this period and at times external help is also called for to manage the influx of clients.

However there are times of the year when salons experience a lull. Business is not as-usual and the sales registers are not ringing. So, how do salons deal with this period? StyleSpeak takes a look at strategies that salons across the world adopt, to deal with the situation.


One of the ways Salons can kick-start business in the lull period is with special promotions:

  • New offers, and discounts go a long way in encouraging clients to get back the salon
  • Offer complementary services and publicize them on various platforms like WhatsApp, and social media channels to create awareness. Additionally, promote the discount offers in the salon itself.
  • Gift card is another unique way to engage with clients. Clients look forward to these and certainly take advantage of the services on offer.

Salons can encourage their staff members to up-skill themselves, as there is time at hand. Invest in training them on sales, retail, services, customer service etc. Awareness of new techniques and trends is an excellent way to impress clients and increase business prospects. In-house trainings can also be organized in different ways incorporating videos, on the job trainings and one on one interaction to understand the knowledge and skills gained through these sessions.

Evaluate Staff Performance

Review the performance of the team from time to time. Make them aware of their weaknesses and strengths and communicate about the feedback on the kind of improvement required from them. Staff should take this opportunity to voice their concerns, opinions and set achievable goals that would in turn help the business to prosper.

Salons can evaluate staff skill levels for a certain service basis online reviews on their website by their clients. The staffer who wins the highest reviews would be rewarded. This is a unique way to evaluate your staff skills.

Plan Incentives & Rewards

Motivate the staff who have acquired new skills by offering incentives when clients appreciate their services. Reward them with a vacation for the staff to boost their self confidence and morale.

A fun-filled party for the family members of the employees can be organized. This will go a long way in strengthening the bond between the salon and its staff. Events like these play a major role as a de-stressing activity, which will in turn boost their morale as well.


System update

Running salons need certain procedure and processes to be in place. From the latest version of online appointment files, to equipments that are outdated, this is the time to review and update. Software upgrades too can be carried out during this period.

Oversee finances

Salons can take a stock of the budget during the lull period. It is essential to fix a budget for running the salon successfully. All the transaction should be accounted separately. In addition, salon managers should make sure timely payment of suppliers and staff and check whether all the essential bills are cleared too.

CSR activities

Finally, it’s always good to give back to the society. As a salon, try to engage in activities that include visiting an old age home or orphanage and bond with them. This kind of initiatives increases brand value.


Time is valuable and has to be utilized to the fullest. So if there is no flow of clients in the salon, leading to a lull period, use it judiciously to improve efficiency and business prospects. Rarely do salons get free time but whenever it does ensure to use it wisely. For best results, take time to motivate, engage and nurture your relationships and team members and clients.