Tips to find the perfect work-life balance between managing a salon and kids

Being a businesswoman and a mother is not the easiest issue to handle for any of us women!! Who better than me to know the juggling I had to do so that I could be a caring parent and a capable business owner!!

However I feel, there are certain points that need to be thought through regarding bringing up kids and attending to the needs of a new growing salon which turned out to be another baby!

Please do read on, as it is my experience as a working mom that made me write this article and share it with industry colleagues.

  • Firstly, become a parent only if you want children and are prepared to sacrifice!!!
  • Spend time with your children when they are small…. Remember childhood is so short. Just give them your time and love…. That’s what they need most. Give up work for a few years if you possibly can.
  • When they are in primary school and when your conscience allows it, get on with your life!
  • I started with half a day of work, then gradually added other interests such as an exercise class, yoga etc. I made myself understand that they had to get independent and be without their parent for some amount of time in the day.
  • Be there for them come what may…. especially as one spends lesser and lesser time with them.
  • Don’t compare siblings, as that causes them to hurt and damage.
  • Work and home are both very important for many of us, and giving our best is essential. So do not give a half-hearted effort to your work or your home.
  • When you are needed at home, just stay home. Exams, illness, holidays etc should not be compromised
  • Delegate and choose the right responsible managers at work and get great caring help for the children. I remember my client who got back to working half day by employing a retired teacher for about 4 hours a day, who not only taught but also played interesting games with her daughter.
  • Delegate and make senior stylists gradually take over in areas of training, quality of work on the floor etc. I realized I could not try to do it all ….be an owner, manager, stockist, educator etc. etc.

Life became simpler on delegating and trusting others. Share a certain amount of your earnings as incentives, it is invaluable.

Good luck on being a great working mom!


Nalini Naegamvala from Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon.