Hairdressers reveal annoying habits of clients that disrupt the efficiency in a salon and could prevent for a happy salon ambience

Nothing can be more frustrating for a salon than a difficult customer. Salons run like clockwork, scheduling appointments for their team throughout the day. Each stylist, therapist etc. knows what their schedule is and is happily set to receive their client and give a great service!

But an errant or difficult customer can certainly throw that anticipation and happy feeling out of the window.

Clients visit a salon to unplug from their daily chores and relax. on numerous occasions clients’ behavior or habits are a friction point which can be certainly avoided!

StyleSpeak chats with some Hairdressers / owners of well-known salons who reveal the most common complaints.

“When clients want transformation from being snail to looking God-like…. but don’t want to cut more than half an inch of their hair from any angle!”
Asha Hariharan, Director, Enrich – Aha!

“Expecting 6 inches of regrown grey hair to be done at Root Touch- up price”
Heena Dalvi, Deputy GM- Education Hygienic Research Institute – Streax Professional

“On getting a powder trim clients requested, they say, “Bbut you hardly cut anything…… Can you make it shorter?”’
Priscilla Corner, Creative Director, June Tomkyns Salon and Academy

“The client shows us all the bleach colour references that they want from their social media platforms (Insta/Pinterest/Google etc.) and then asking us not to use any bleach/pre-lightener at all.! They expect their hair to look just like what they see on Instagramtheir references afterdespite being told that the results will be different, ! AND STILL EXPECT THEIR HAIR TO LOOK LIKE THOSE REFS…and Tthen they come back for a redo, blocking our time again…and don’t even want to pay the full amount for the time, efforts and the extra product that’s used for the extra product money for the same.… then citing to their friends/people who with an excuse that referred them that the hairdresser did not achieve what was required without understanding the correct process due to their lack of knowledge., conveniently omitting the bleach parts out. This is all just one complaint still, I could go on about the same point.”…
Ryan D’Rozario, Director & Owner, Salon MUAH

“What about those who leave the salon perfectly happy, then come back later because someone from the family or friends circle says they don’t like it?.”
Adhuna Bhabani, Co-Founder, BBlunt India

  1. I have never applied colour …..but I only cover my greys at home
  2. The one who is confused between light and dark
  3. Showing up late for an appointment with a Starbucks coffee!
  4. The one who brings best friend to decide what she should be getting!

Bony Sasidharan, Bony Sasidharan, National Key Accounts Manager (PPS) at Schwarzkopf Professional

“The last minutelast-minute cancellations on the same day of their appointments – , as we can give that time slot to someone who really needs it.”
Deepak Jalhan, Looks Prive

“Clients who are running late and say “‘I’m on my way,’ will be there in 2 minutes” and don’t come in for the next 40 mins!”.
Dharmesh Dodo Hingorani, Co-Founder, Zido Salon

  • BARGAINING!!! We are not selling potatoes.
  • There’s also the type who say they’ve done nothing to their hair, (virgin). and And when you start, you find that there wais some chemical treatment done at some point, which changes the whole process that was initially planned.

Elton Steve Vessoaker, Hair Stylist, Makeup artists and Educator

Clients who are disrespectful to juniors and the helpers in the salon. Usually are given warning to be nice to them, but if they continue this behavior they are asked to leave politely.
Vikram Mohan, CEO, Spalon India

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