If you enjoy nature and are looking for a retreat amidst the mountains, jüSTa Mukteshwar Retreat and Spa in Nainital area is the place to be.

jüSTa Mukteshwar Retreat and Spa, at Mukteshwar in Nainital District in Uttarakhand, India is located 7500 feet above sea level and is the ultimate retreat to relax in the lap of nature. The resort goes beyond architecture and décor to blend in nature and its surroundings. With this concept in mind, I was all prepared for a unique experience at the Sansha Spa at the property.

Design Philosophy

Adorning pastel hues with pops of green, blue, and orange, the Sansha Spa at jüSTa Mukteshwar Retreat and Spa gives out a calm and refreshing feel. It blends the sensory experience with architecture, which is the essence of Sansha Spa. Sangeeta Sharma, Owner, Sansha Spa says, “Wellness is more of sensory experiences and to merge this with the surroundings is an important aspect that drives wellness resort and spa architecture. You must have noticed how your body and mind respond slowly as you approach a wellness destination. The psycho-physiological impact that a wellness spa has on guests could be attributed to the wellness resort architecture and design that creates a strong ‘pull’ factor. Infusing wellness into design strategy is a subtle process with smart planning, programming, and technology that remain invisible but trigger a feel for wellbeing.”

The Spa Menu

The menu at the spa seamlessly blends natural ingredients with traditional Asian therapies to ensure that guests can experience an elevated level of relaxation and rejuvenation. Sansha Spa uses products from the brand Forest Pick that possesses high-quality, traceable and natural ingredients. The brand vouches about using 150 botanical ingredients in its products. A few of them are also organic-certified, which are carefully selected for their effectiveness and their ability to give skin the elements it needs to be supple and wrinkle free. “The equipment used are of top-notch quality too, and are sourced from different brands, with some of them being manufactured by Sansha to maintain exclusivity and purity.”

The Staffing

We usually only hire experienced therapists as we prefer to have senior staff to cater to guests and we also source our staff from certified training schools of skill development. Once they join, we train them in our in-house Academy based on the services on our menu, soft skills, hospitality courtesy, spoken language as well as our specialized rituals in the Delhi head office before they join a Sansha Spa,” says Sangeeta Sharma.

The Treatment

A spa session in the mountains is not just about great views but also about the much- needed relaxation and rejuvenation that is enhanced by a treatment at the in-house Sansha Spa. Moreover, a spa session in a room with the view of the snow-capped mountains of Nanda Devi range is not something that happens every day!

Having trekked thrice in the day, I decided to give my legs some rest and zeroed in on the Muscle Fuel Foot Massage. The massage aims to alleviate muscle tension, increase blood circulation and aids metabolism.

The first surprise was that the session takes place on the spa bed. My therapist Shezaad from Muzaffarnagar informs me that this improves blood circulation versus sitting down when the massage is being done. Once I lie face down, he covers me with two towels and starts the massage with a warm oil that uses a combination of three oils that have filtered coffee beans, said to be a relaxant. After cleaning my feet, the massage starts from the calf (which is sore from a catch) and I instantly feel the relief as he works his way to release the stiffness. Using firm strokes, he massages the calf, legs and the feet using his palms and pressure of his fingertips. The energising massage with elongated strokes as well as circular motions ensure the blood circulation is free and has an immediate effect of feeling instantly energised. The massage ends with some stretches of the legs and feet and once all the oil is wiped clean, I feel an overwhelming sense of relaxation. Now I am all ready for my next trek!

Fact File
  • Name: Sansha spa
  • Established: 2020
  • Architect: Sunny Thakur
  • Owner: Sangeeta Sharma
  • Area/Size: 2500 square feet
  • Treatment rooms: 4
  • Number of estheticians: 5 Therapists + manager
  • Signature treatment: Sansha Fusion
  • Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Address: Village Saliyakot, Tehsil Dhari, Mukteshwar, District Nainital, Uttarakhand 263132. Phone: +91 9590 777 000
  • Website: www.thesanshaworld.com