December is the month where there is much action – parties and events in full swing that all lead up to the New Year Festivities and that is why you need to slow down.

As the year winds up on a busy note, we curate a list of five spas that you can visit to relax and rejuvenate for the New Year Party mode.

Melo Spa, Kimmane Golf Resort and Spa, Shivamogga

Melo Spa at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, Shivamogga is a space designed to help you rest, revive, and rejuvenate. Located in the tranquil setting of a golf course and spread over 100 acres, the spa is located on a level lower than the lobby and is tucked in a private corner.

The Aroma massage done here using olive oil is a medium pressure massage that is highly recommended. Starting with a dry massage the strokes used are slightly unconventional, as the back of the knuckles are used to apply pressure to ease out the stressed muscles, giving a relaxing feel. You can also do a face and head massage with or without oil. At the end of the session, you are asked to sit up to complete the back and neck massage.

Aaste, Tipai, Gondwakadi

Aaste, a Forest Spa by Tattva is an invitation to slow down and at Tipai by Luxury Wildlife it makes a perfect backdrop to simply relax.

You can try one of the signature therapies called Vishram, a relaxation massage here. The spa offers a blend of five different oils that you can choose from. The spa session begins with a relaxing foot ritual that has an instant calming effect. The 60-minute session begins with a dry massage where the therapist activates all the sore muscles with a massage on the body. The back massage is especially invigorating as the therapist’s hands move in tandem and perfect synchronisation.

Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Parwanoo

Located on a private hill that can be accessed by a cable car, Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, has a spa that is spread across 1 lakh square foot. You can also sign up for a yoga session in the morning with the inhouse doctor who can customise the session based on your requirements.

Try the Classic Abhyanga massage that is done by two therapists who work in synchronised fashion to ensure you are relaxed during the session. The session starts with a prayer and the ringing of a small bell for positive vibrations. At the start, a drop of rasandi churna is placed on your head to avoid any cold or cough. The session starts with a simultaneous foot, head, neck, and shoulder massage using herbal medicated oil.

NIJA Luxury Wellness, Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

If you are looking to revitalise your mind, body, and soul while discovering inner harmony, the best place is the NIJA Luxury Wellness, at Cinnamon Grand, Colombo. The expansive spa is like an oasis in an urban space and offers three oil blends to choose from – harmonising, energising or relaxing.

I recommend the foot massage when you are here as it is deeply relaxing and great if you are here as a tourist as it will give you a lot of energy to walk around the city as you explore it. I choose the harmonising oil that is especially made in house and is an instant fix for sore feet. The session starts with cleaning the feet and legs with a nice hot towel. Using long strokes that end with the sides of the feet being massaged with pressure from the thumbs, this is a massage where you can feel the tension in your muscles escaping your feet. Each finger is given a gentle stretch and using a crisscross movement the back of the feet is massaged. Alternating pressure from the fingers and palms evens out all the sore muscles.

Kshemavana, Nelamangala

A relatively new addition to the wellness landscape, Kshemavana (an SDM Institute) is a centre dedicated to holistic wellness. The gamut of wellness treatments include reflexology, diet & fasting therapy, yoga therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture. The retreat starts with a personalised consultation where a plan is chalked out based on the health assessment. The best part is that some rooms have attached treatment rooms as well.

You are usually given two treatments a day – one massage and another smaller treatment, usually a pack. The retreat also does follow up calls once you leave to ensure you practice what you learn here.

A spa getaway is the best way to relax and unwind and when it is in the lap of nature, it makes this experience more restful and enriching.

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