Nurturing radiance from within through good health and yoga

Skincare has always been a part of our general routine since ages. Over time, there has been a drastic change in people’s lifestyles, resulting in a variety of skin health problems. Yoga and pranayama are age-old practices known for their miraculous health benefits that improve overall health from within, resulting in radiant, plump, and glowing skin.
Pigeon Pose

Yoga benefits & skin care

Yoga is not just a physical exercise but a holistic approach that includes kriyas, asanas, pranayama, meditation, and props. The holistic lifestyle of yoga contributes to healthy skin by addressing stress and cultivating overall wellness. It treats the body and serves as symptomatic relief for certain conditions that have no cure. Lowering stress levels, helps reduce the cortisol levels in the body that causes dry skin, acne, premature ageing. Additionally, yoga also aids in blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, resulting in a radiant and vibrant complexion. Moreover, increased blood circulation in the skin helps flush out toxins, making the skin appear clearer.

Postures contributing towards skin health

There are numerous yoga postures that contribute to enhancing skin radiance and a healthy glow. These postures often include inversions such as Sarvangasana or Viparita Karani, or even a simple inversion where you lie on the bed with your feet elevated towards the wall or a chair. Any pose that promotes blood flow to the face benefits the skin, especially in cases of puffiness or water retention, resulting in a rosy glow after practice.
Forearm Wheel

One such pose is Matsyasana, the fish pose, which involves a spine twist that enhances blood circulation throughout the body by creating space between the vertebrae in the spinal cord., allowing nerves to carry blood effectively. Additionally, Vakrasana aids in detoxification; this forward bend facilitates lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins from the body.

Pranayama is another effective method for achieving clear, healthy, and glowing skin. It helps to de-stress and positively influences the body’s ‘happy hormones.’ It’s essential to perform these asanas under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher.

For maximum skin benefits, I incorporate Face Yoga into the routine. It’s a personalized session that adapts to the specific practitioner’s needs. Some individuals focus solely on the face, but it’s important to recognize that yoga benefits the entire body. It stimulates circulation, relaxation, and detoxifies the skin from the inside out. These sessions should be done three times a week, and consistency is the key to achieving sustainable results.
downward dog

Challenges with celebrity clients

Demanding schedules is faced by celebrity clients due to erratic working hours, night shoots, frequent travel etc. Constant exposure to make up & sun makes it difficult to maintain consistency in practice. To address this, I create programs that they can follow in my absence, such as pranayama or kriyas, to reap the rewards of improved skin health. I have been blessed to have dedicated students/practitioners/clients so far.
3 Legged Chakrasana

Essential tips for maximum results
  • Hydrate
  • Don’t wear makeup while doing yoga
  • Cleanse before and after yoga and throughout the day
  • Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Antioxidants enriched foods like berries, broccoli, pumpkin, vitamins, and minerals enriched diet
  • Seasonal carrot juice, pomegranate
  • Warm water 20 minutes after food because it is good for the gut as well

The benefits of yoga on skincare is profound and should not be underestimated. By practicing yoga alone regularly and customizing it according to the needs and adhering to essential skincare, anyone can harness the power of yoga to actually gain beautiful, clear, radiant and glowing skin. The need to use creams for acne can be avoided since the cure takes place from within.

“Yoga is a healing practice. It is not only about physical posture, but also about understanding the body internally and unveiling the beauty that is inherent. Once that is healed, it radiates for all to see.”
Rupal Sidhpura Faria, Celebrity Yoga Guru