As leading salon furniture brand MARC launches in the West zone with a brand new showroom in Mumbai, Durgesh Sharma shares the brand’s expansion plans

MARC, the leading salon manufacturer in India has been offering salons with unique and innovative salon furniture and equipment for almost 22 years. Deemed to be the ultimate destination for spa and salon furnishings, the company’s mission is to transform salons into a haven of luxury and comfort.

Now on an expansion mode, MARC has recently entered the West India with its newly launched flagship salon in Mumbai. Durgesh Sharma, Managing Director, MARC Salon & Beauty Equipments Pvt. Ltd. shares the details on this and their future plans.

How does MARC, aim to tap this region with your recently opened showroom in Mumbai?

Customer satisfaction being our prime concern, the objective is to be present in India’s metropolitan cities. Now along with our Mumbai showroom, we have made ourselves available in seven cities of India namely; Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mohali, Trivandrum, Secunderabad.

Mumbai is a market we strive to cover completely, therefore, opening our own flagship showroom makes it feasible for consumers to visit and have a look at our products. This will definitely help us cater to the needs of our exclusive business partners L’Oréal, Lakme, Nykaa, Enrich, Envy, Hakim Aalim, etc. It will also make the other salons aware about the quality and comfort that MARC has to offer.

What makes MARC’s salon furniture stand out as compared to the other industry players?

At MARC, we take immense pride in our role as a leading salon furniture manufacturer in India. Our journey has been marked by unwavering dedication to quality; commitment to innovation and design keeping trends in mind; advanced technology and an unyielding pursuit for customer satisfaction. We ensure we never compromise on the quality of equipment used in our products, forthright after sales services and have been able to build genuine client relationships over the years. Nevertheless, I personally believe in continuously striving to work towards perfection.

Any plans to further expand your product portfolio?

My mission with MARC is to transform salons into havens of style and comfort, where every piece of furniture enhances functionality and infuses an air of luxury. We, as a team envision the salon industry as a space of luxury and sophistication.

We have been working with top salon chains and brands across India such as Lakme, L’Oréal, Nykaa, Geetanjali Salons, Looks, T&G, Enrich, Envy, Naturals, and many more for numerous years. It is the trust and support of all our clients and partners that has made us excel in our field.

With this sustenance, MARC will soon be launching a range of professional hair tools. After months of planning and groundwork, we have come up with the best products to maintain the brand value we aim for, and aspire to flourish in this endeavour.

What new expectations do you see in the salon furniture segment?

Our commitment to innovation has driven us to go from manufacturing slimming machines to now creating salon chairs, styling chairs, spa beds, pedicure and manicure chairs that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of salon owners and professionals. Our R&D team is constantly working towards creating ergonomically designed furniture taking into consideration the upcoming trends and latest technologies.

How is salon design changing? 

With the changing trends in the market, everyone is concerned about their beauty and wellness increasing the reliability on the salon industry to provide a luxurious getaway along with style. This further makes it essential for us to keep up and create new designs feasible for the stylist and comfortable for the client.

As a leading salon furniture manufacturer in India, what are your expansion plans?

We are already present in the seven main cities of India. Our plan is to expand beyond these locations to as many cities as possible, to open doors to clients across the country.

Besides this, MARC is also coming up with its own range of professional hair tools, which would be a new venture we will be embarking upon soon.

Having said that, I am very thankful to believe that with our tireless hard work, we have been able to cover majority of the concerned industry in India. While our roots are firmly placed in Manesar, we have extended our influence overseas too with the help of our distributors in the UAE, aimed at establishing a global presence. Keeping this in mind we are also working towards increasing production capacity, more machinery and fully equipped plants so that we are ready for any challenges we may face.

The salon industry in coming up faster than we can imagine!