Najeeb Ur Rehman, Hair Educator & Consultant Schwarzkopf, advises stylists on fixing DIY hair colour post-lockdown!

As the pandemic has forced everyone to a life with no access to salons or barbers, many people have tried hair colouring at home. But now, with the easing of the lockdown across many parts of India, SS WEEKLY asks celebrity hairstylist, Brand Ambassador Kerasmooth, Godrej Professional and HBS Hair Competition Jury Moderator, Najeeb Ur Rehman about the challenge of fixing a DIY hair colour of clients.

Najeeb Ur Rehman:

Post lockdown, I believe we would face several challenges and a few of them could be the following:

Patchy Hair Colour:

When we apply hair colour at home, we cannot apply it evenly everywhere. Therefore, we apply wherever possible, and the rest of the portions are left uncoloured. So imagine the colour has been applied twice or thrice in the same area making it look patchy. To correct such unevenly coloured hair we need to pre-lighten darker parts and then even out the colour. Time taken: 3 – 4 hours approx.

Wrong Colour Tone:

There is a high possibility of people resorting to hair colour products available at the nearby store, during this lockdown. The wrong hair colour choice will lead to wrong colour tones. In such instances, we need to neutralise the colour or cleanse the hair before applying the right colour. Time taken: 2 – 3 hours.

Dry and Damaged Hair:

With limited choices available, clients would have bought whatever products were available, which might not suit their hair texture.

Or they may not taken care of their hair besides oiling the scalp. Hence, we might need to correct the texture with Plex treatment sittings to bring back elasticity in hair. Time taken: 45 min-1 hour.

“These tough times require true passion for hairdressing and knowledge to overcome challenges… Happy Salon Reopening!”

Najeeb Ur Rehman, Consultant Schwarzkopf & Brand Ambassador Kerasmooth, Godrej Professional
Instagram Page: @ najeeb.rehman.3975

Change of Colour Base:

If there was no colour applied – even on white hair, there is a fair chance that we can take the base of the colour a bit lighter, for example, if somebody applies 3 (Dark Brown) regularly, now we can take it to 4 (Medium) or 5 (Light Brown).
Time taken: 1.5 to 2 hours.


God forbid if any of my clients have applied metallic powder dye! In such a case apart from a hair cut or black colour, I have no other option left!

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