Hair: Jose Urrutia @Peluquería Jose Urrutia
Hair Assistant: Veronica Calpa Perugachi
Retouching: Esteban Roca
MUA: Nacho Sanz
Styling: Visori FashionArt
Products: Revlon Professional

1941 is a review of our darkest past, the one in which humanity was exalted in violence. In this case, José Urrutia is inspired by the battle of Pearl Harbor, which on its 80th anniversary should make us reflect on the trauma that any war causes. Therefore, it is an anti-war chant that is reflected in disturbing looks, with clear references to the military world.

Curls that fall in an open and clear cascade like the effect of a bomb; haircuts with shiny and impeccable fringes, typical of the discipline of the army; tousled finishes and unstructured haircuts that remind us of those who suffer the devastating effects of war; and raised toupees that take us back to the aesthetics of a painful time.

JOSE URRUTIA 1941 Collection