SSummertime has always been about experimenting with different shades and styles, but this year, a unique tint is a common constant in all fashion corners! From runaway themes to high fashion, “monochrome” has made a sublime comeback this styling season. The runaways just proved that saturated primary colors as well as cool neons are a sensational choice of attire. With the mesmerizing mystique of monochrome in mind, Ikonic chose the seamless subtlety of this hue for its exclusive summer editorial.

Ikonic Professional’s “Summer Editorial” is all about striking the perfect balance between understated silhouettes and exciting dyes. Renowned for being passionate pioneers in the world of styling, Ikonic’s ideology has always been to give patrons a modern, polished, and effortless look with their products. Monochrome is slowly becoming an eclectic addition in a myriad range of spaces, just like Ikonic’s dynamic offerings which can groom us for a myriad range of occasions.

In this volume of the “Summer Editorial”, Our Creative director, Vipul Chudasama and our team of artists have played with a charming barrage of colors, while also sprinkling that tantalizing touch of monochromatic magic to create the perfect Ikonic look. Bright skies, fresh flowers and a whole lot of warmth is

symbolic of a bright happy summer, and with evergreen shades like green, blue, red and orange, the spirit of vivacious summers has been maintained in this editorial!

Keeping Ikonic’s futuristic approach at the forefront, each and every outfit charmingly compliments the flagship styling, hairdos that stunningly stand apart as the star of the show. Ikonic has always been a refreshing first mover in the realm of fashion, adopting ideas and concepts that the market may see as bold and brave, but the brand views as synonymous to their core philosophy. Celebrating the company’s fearless forays, the hairstylists have also taken the road less travelled, choosing bright and chic tones that exude pure panache instead of focusing on neutral monochromes.

These innovative looks are bound to catch the eye and be the upcoming trend of the season, and once again, Ikonic is all set to impress one and all with its characteristically out of the box creative decisions.