Hermetica is the new collection by Salvador Oliver, inspired by the world of personal relationships, giving relevance to the difficulties of social interaction that are currently beginning to become visible. Hermetica aims to show the inner world and the impregnable richness of so many introverts, shy individuals, people who suffer from autism, Asperger’s, or other disorders that affect reciprocal social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Hair: La Barbería de Oliver @Salvador_Oliver__
Photography: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo
MUA:Nacho Sanz @nachosanzmakeup
Styling:Raquel Saiz
Models:Sara Loinaz, Sara Sanz, María Abiega, Cristina Martínez
Products: Revlon Professional @revlonprofessional_es

Hermetica Collection