The inspiration for this collection is brides who had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic. They were very discouraged to stop just a few weeks or months before the ceremony, after so much time of preparation. However, at the same time, they expressed a great desire to wear a more special and daring hairstyle when the wedding could take place.

From that energy, Aura is born. These are very professional, unconventional and distinguished bridal hairstyles. Brides will be more spectacular, eye-catching and exuberant, and hairstyles will play a very important role in it. The updos are very textured, previously prepared with a frizz iron.

This provides density, volume and shapes to hair. At the same time, it can be done with greater efficiency, depth and different volumes in the strands to achieve very defined works.
On the one hand, there is an Italian bun that starts at the top to the nape, with a lot of volume, texture and definitions. Next, a high ponytail, with a large front textured toupee. The ponytail is wound with a diamond ribbon, dodging strands, to give it a very original and distinguished touch. And finally, a cascading updo, which starts at the top of the head, going down with crosses and waves, to end on the chest with a harmonious drawing created with hair.

Hair: María Teresa Cazalla @mariateresacazalla
Hair Assistant: Remedios García Villalba
Photography: Lola Pimentel @lola_pimentel_fotografia
Retouche: Decoración Paqui Serrano @cateringlaserrana
MUA: Cristina Anguita @cristinaanguita_makeupartist
Styling: María Teresa Cazalla Peinado @mariateresacazalla
Models: Gloria Codes @gloria_code
Luisa Conde @luisact98
Vanessa Rosado @vaneessa_rp
Products: Joaquín Esquina Becerra @malagagoldenbeauty
Video: Enrique Vivas @noraifilm