A step by step guide to ace the Balayage technique like a pro.

Over the years I have noticed how Balayage is the most-asked for hair colour service. Done right, it is work of art, a moment of great creative satisfaction for the stylist and joy to the client. Given the various shades and complexities to the treatment, I have put down some basic pointers to keep in mind while doing the Balayage.

Here are the primary things to bear in mind

  1. Have an honest consultation with the client. Get to know their history of treatments/colours done in the past and then assess basis their hair health, colour goals, and budget. Understand the lifestyle of your client -do they have a fast-paced profession or whether they have time to indulge in a grooming routine. This will help you evaluate if Balayage is indeed the right technique.
  2. A clean application is a must and some basic rules are:
    • -The amount of product you’re applying and how much is on your brush is important. For best results saturate the brush well during application; if the brush picks up too little or too much product, it can result in a patchy look.
    • -Consistency of formula- the Ideal mixing ratio needs to be respected. The product can’t be too runny to avoid staining.
    • -The pressure you’re using while applying the product and the movement of your hands should be consistent and free-flowing.
    1. Don’t rush the job. Take your time to perfect the transition. This will give your client a natural look without harsh lines of demarcation. The gentler the transition is, the smoother the demarcation.
    2. The client might need multiple sessions to achieve their goal Balayage, especially if they require more than 4 levels of lift.
    3. For a soft Balayage, use the right amount of product -do not push the colour deeply into the hair which results in harsh lines.
    4. Use fine sectioning to add brightness.

  1. Balayage generally requires a diagonal application, so start from the ends towards the mids, graduating softer brush strokes upwards. Start on the ends saturating maximum and feather your way up for a softer re-growth.

These tips will help you perfect your Balayage technique and give you lots of happy clients!

Sonal Bhimani, Creative Director, JCB Salons has over a decade of experience in hairdressing.