From shaving essentials to face serums and face masks, StyleSpeak rolls out the must-have products for ‘Man’tenance.

In today’s time, personal hygiene and grooming are not limited to women. Increasingly, men are becoming more conscious about their looks and how to care for them. A visit to the salon or spa has become an integral part of a man’s monthly grooming routine. From hydrating face masks to exfoliating scrubs and blemish treatment, the male grooming kit is ever-expanding. StyleSpeak has rounded up 10 must-have skincare products that every man should have in his grooming kit.

1. Facial Cleansers

Cleansers should be a part of a man’s daily skincare routine. It is the first step in the skincare regimen. And with all the sun exposure and pollution the skin is exposed to, these magic potions work wonders to wash away the grime and dirt. Categorised as per the skin type, a facial cleanser should be the first product that pops out of the grooming kit always and every time.

2. Facial Scrubs

Toning and exfoliating is the key to providing the right kind of nourishment to a man’s skin. The skin pores are like a tea strainer that get clogged without proper cleaning. A scrub has a good blend of bacteria-killing ingredients with a mildly abrasive base that removes the dirt and oil without troubling the skin much. Use a brand that has a gentle formula that suits the skin type for squeaky clean skin.

3. Toners

Toning is an integral part of the skincare routine for both men and women. It helps tighten the pores and gives the skin a shine. The best options are hydrating toners without alcohol packed with antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals without stripping it off its moisture.

4. Face Masks

A face mask is a must-use product, be it for a man or a woman. Unlike a face cleanser or a scrub, which should be used daily, a face mask is a weekly treat all men should pamper their skin with. There are numerous varieties available today. For instance, a charcoal mask is a great option to cleanse out the impurities stuck deep inside the skin. Moisturising face masks work well for deeper nutritive value, giving the skin the much-required hydration.

5. Sunscreen

Indian skin is prone to skin burn and tanning; the only way to protect it is to use good sunscreen, even indoors. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 that offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Apply it liberally over all the exposed parts of the skin and bid farewell to sunburns and tan.

6. Moisturiser

A moisturiser gives the skin the much-needed conditioning and also keeps the face stubble soft. Use a hydrating one for oily skin and a deep moisturising lotion for those with dry skin.

7. Shaving Essentials

Shaving cream, razor, and aftershave are a man’s staple for a well-groomed appearance. Many men find it easier to use electric trimmers, but nothing can beat a proper shave.

A shaving kit should be equipped with a good-quality razor. Both cartridge razors and double-edge safety razors work well. Add to it a moisturising lathering agent in the form of shaving soaps, creams or gels and a shaving brush to give extra cushioning on the face for the razor to slice through the hair. A pre-shave oil and an aftershave lotion or oil are the other must-haves to give the skin the much-needed moisture and hydration.

8. Eye Cream

The skin under the eye is the thinnest, and thus, it is prone to wrinkles, darkening, puffiness, and sagging. Eye creams help remedy these issues with ingredients like skin-reinforcing peptides and circulation-stimulating caffeine.

9. Serums

Serums are like multivitamin supplements for the skin. Packed with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, they offer intense benefits packed with antioxidants and nutrients. They tone, brighten, and clean the pores, enhance skin texture, and resolve skin issues like sebum creation, pigmentation, scars, and aging skin.

10. Blemish Treatment

For all those men with acne and blemishes, blemish treatment should be a routine affair. These treatments have mild acids that sterilise the affected area, stopping the infected gland from getting worse and spreading to other skin parts. The newest zit treatment are acne patches that suck out all the junk and moisture from the acne, leaving it to die its own death.

A grooming kit is a man’s best friend that should be well-equipped with these products to give the skin a complete overhaul on a regular basis.