Doja Cat’s look at the Schiaparelli’s haute couture show in Paris took Pat McGrath and her team 4 hours 58 minutes to create

Doja Cat went a step further to create this very unique red crystal look. Her look was completely different from all the styles we had seen so far! The American rapper painted herself red from head to toe and embellished it with 30000 crystals that were carefully placed all around her face, hands, neck, shoulders and skirt. Her red gown and a beaded red skirt by Schiaparelli was paired with elegant, red earrings and long red boots.

Doja Cat’s red crystal look was created by the renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath and her team. Pat McGrath claimed that the application of 30000 crystals by hand on Doja took her and her team nearly 5 hours. Pat McGrath commended the rapper’s patience and dedication while her team created this look. McGrath said that the final look was magical and mesmerising. The look was also a tribute to Doja’s hard work and dedication.

Pat McGrath posted a BTS reel, with the final look videos and a reel of Doja slaying this look at Schiaparelli’s haute couture show in Paris on her Instagram. Doja Cat too posted pictures of this look on her Instagram.

Among other celebrities who created such outrageous looks at Schiaparelli’s haute couture show in Paris was Kylie Jenner who wore a fake lion head on her black dress. Yet, Doja’s red crystal look was definitely the show stealer!

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