Deepika Padukone launches her self-care brand, 82°E today. Her brand will offer premium, high-performance products that make the practice of self-care a simple, effective, and enjoyable part of everyday life.

The brand name is inspired by the meridian that runs longitudinally through India and defines the standard time of the country. 82°E reflects Deepika Padukone’s journey and experience as a modern woman who is rooted in India but global in her outlook.

The brand will launch with skincare as its inaugural category this month. 82°E’s skincare products are formulated by in-house experts, and each product combines an Indian ingredient with a scientific compound into a powerful formula. 82°E takes pride in being India’s first celebrity-owned self-care brand that is backed by global institutional venture capitalists.

The launch of 82°E also marks Padukone’s foray into full-fledged entrepreneurship, expanding her mission to leave behind a distinguished legacy and to inspire people to live authentic lives. with 82°E Deepika Padukone and her team have ambitions to expand into other categories that support a holistic approach to self-care.


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