StyleSpeak brings to you anti-pollution essentials to assist you combat those external aggressors.

AClimate change is a problem no matter where you live, whether it’s due to pollution or the harmful blue light rays emitted by our screens. When these polluting elements come into contact with your skin, it creates damage in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. StyleSpeak brings you some essential products will help tackle pollution damage.

Casmara Micellar Water

Casmara Micelle Water removes all impurities while also protecting the skin. Its innovative anti-pollution property protects the skin, acts as a shield, and as a protective barrier for the skin. The micelles in it act as a magnet and absorb all the dead cells, contaminating particles, and excess sebum. This micellar water gives amazing results as it makes the skin soft and helps remove all the impurities.

Dermalogica Anti-pollution Face Scrub

This Dermalogica anti-pollution face scrub is a powerful resurfacer that leaves your skin smooth and helps fight environmental aggressors. This scrub contains powerful anti-pollution technology as well as powerful enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids. The charcoal in it aids in deep cleansing, purifying the skin, absorbing all environmental pollutants, and detoxifying the pores. It contains niacinamide, red algae, and tara fruit extract, which help protect against the harmful effects of pollution.

Loccitane’s Immortelle Divine Cleansing Foam

Loccitane’s Immortelle Divine Cleansing Foam gently gets rid of the skin’s impurities, pollution, and traces of makeup. The cleanser is enriched with immortelle essential oil, which has rich antioxidant benefits. These antioxidants help protect against damaging free radicals. It leaves the skin feeling super clean and fresh while also acting as a barrier against impurities in the atmosphere.

Clarins UV Plus SPF

Clarins UV Plus SPF protects the skin from five types of pollutants that the skin encounters on a daily basis. This light, translucent gel cream shields the skin from air pollutants, indoor pollutants, pollen, blue light, and photo pollution. It contains organic mango leaf extract, which boosts the skin’s self-defense, protects against UV rays, and moisturises the skin.

Skeyndor’s Power OxygenSerum

6 anti-pollution skincare products to look out for in 2023
Skeyndor’s anti-toxic city pollution barrier-boosting PowerOxygen serum is ideal for the face and neck areas. Its formula contains active detoxifying and antioxidant properties that help to protect the skin from the effects of urban pollution. This serum is best for stressed, suffocated, or fatigued skin. The malachite extract in it aids in blocking pollutants and protecting the skin.

Clinique’s Anti-pollution Hydrating Jelly Moisturiser

Clinique’s Anti-pollution Hydrating Jelly Moisturiser is made with Clean Shield technology. The moisture barrier blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract, and cucumberfruit extract is used in the formulation of this moisturiser. It reduces the skin’s sensitivity to pollution. This moisturiser repairs the skin while also protecting it from pollution.