The Eternal Line from Skeyndor uses nano liposome technology and gives a long-lasting anti-ageing effect.

Skeyndor’s luxurious Eternal Line is the first overall regenarative treatment with plant origin Apple stem cells(Uttwiler Spatlauber). A break-through in anti-ageing treatment, it encapsulates apple stem cell extract in nano liposomes allowing them to be absorbed by the skin giving it an unparalled smoothness, radiance and a line-free complexión.

Award winning Technology

Skeyndor was first to bring the stem cell technology in cosmetics, way back in 2007. It uses actives found in the stem cells of the UttwilerSpätlauber, an extremely rare apple species found in Switzerland which has tremendous regenerative capabilities. Stem cells of this species of apple contain metabolites responsible for the longevity of the fruit.

  • The internal fluid of these plant cells contains components that help in protecting and maintaining the function of the human skin cells.
  • These metabolites are now harnessed to ensure longevity of the skin cells and guard them against chronological ageing, while preserving the youthful look and vitality of the skin.

The BSB European Cosmetic Academy Association has honoured Skeyndor for this discovery, with the 2008 Innovation Award and acknowledged its contribution to the cosmetic industry.

The Eternal Line

The Eternal Line delivers these scientific benefits to the skin by using its own Nanoliposomes Release System. This delivery system helps actives successfully target and improve the appearance of wrinkles; lift and vastly improve skintone; help the skin to recover its volume and boost texture and skin clarity.
With four latest generation active ingredients, Skeyndor’s Eternal Line is also reinforced with natural extracts e.g. Lupin extract, oil soluble Jambu, sea fennel, marine lavender extract and hyaluronicacid with organicsilicon which aid in boosting regeneration of the dermis and hipodermis which are not dependent on stem cells for regeneration.

The Eternal line works from the inside out to repair damaged tissue and guard against premature ageing with its ingredients. It’s regular use stimulates damaged skin whilst offering longevity and a new lease in life to the skin cells. Whenusedregularly, itprovidesprotectionagainst UV-irradiation, growthpromotionofstemcells, increasedlife span ofhairfolliclestemcellsandreductionofskinwrinkles. Other phyto-nutrients protect and enhance the skin’s durability, while delaying and minimizing signs of ageing.

In Salon Treatmentincludes:Nano liposomes Plant Stem Cells Concentrate, DeepCarrier Anti Wrinkle Concentrate, Cryogenic Lifting Solutionand a Polymerized Creamy Rebalancing Mask.
Home Care Treatment includes: Eternal Cream, Eternal Intensive Serum, Eternal SleepingOil and EternalIcy Eye Cream.