The world acclaimed brand marks the milestone with a grand event in Delhi


Spain’s No.1 skincare brand celebrates a decade of its presence in India. Launched by Ekta Cosmetics Ltd.Managing Director Ravi Mittal in 2011, the brand has established itself as the market leader in the Indian professional skincare industry.A gala event marking this milestone saw the presence of the who’s who of the industry, along with international Skeyndor team from Spain– CEO Jordi Morcillo, International Marketing Director- Carla Castillo, and International Trainer- Margret Beales.

StyleSpeak brings you an exclusive interview with Ravi Mittal and Jordi Morcillo who share their thoughts on this occasion.

Sandhya Chipalkatti:Tell us your feelings as you celebrate your 10th anniversary?

Ravi Mittal:It is a matter of great pride to see the brand growing, embracing the good value, and achieving more than what we ever thought of. I fondly remember the journey that started with me as a one-man army,and a handful of products. Today I can proudly say that we carry the most widespread and superior innovations in Indian professional skincare.
This achievement is a validation of our mission and proof that our products and services have been accepted by our salon partners andthe thousands of loyal customers we’ve servedover the years.

How have you established the position of a leading professional skincare provider?

Skeyndor is at the forefront of advanced and next-generation formulations, offering the latest in award-winning delivery systems, advanced ingredients and technological innovations.
Over the last decade, we have strived hard to establish ourselves as a market leader in the Indian professional skincare salon industry. This has been made possible through ourinnovationslike Multigene, Drone & Nano Liposomes.We introducedthrough our salon partnersnon-invasive demo-aesthetic solutions for skincare,whichthe Indian market was not earlier privy to.

Which innovative technologies and products have you have launched in thisdecade?

Skeyndor uses cutting-edge scientific research to create unique products that perform exceptionally well against specific skin conditions. That is what we delivered to the Indian market through three special product lines.

  • Timeless Prodigy Line – Our super-premium line of skin rejuvenation products which decisively fight the signs of aging.
  • Expert Cleanse Pro Line –Made from natural emollients, exfoliants, and moisturizing ingredients, this range specifically combats the challenges of urban pollution.
  • Corrective Range – A special range of products that deliver a Triple Anti-Wrinkle Action against fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the Indian aesthetic industry’s biggest challenge?

The foremost challenge the Indian aesthetic industry is facing today is the ability to offer viable alternatives to surgical treatmentsthat can correct the most evident facial wrinkles and expression lines.

Treatments for ageing skin are on the rise.More adults wanting to look young, compete in a younger job market, or preserve youthful skin.Digitalization has catalyzed the demand for alternatives to aesthetic surgeries and that’s where Skeyndor steps

in with our contribution to the evolution of non-invasive aesthetic technologies.The market has shown a tremendous appetite for such dermo-cosmetic solutions.

Name top 3 skin concerns of the Indian customer

India consumers suffer from several skincare problems. Just the sheer variety of skin types and textures present across the country makes it next to impossible to cater to this diverse market with a one-size-fits-all product. Hence most brands that we bring to the Indian market comprise of a range of products, to fit the varied skincare needs.
A few skin concerns remain true for most:

  • Keeping the skin youthful:For customers across the board and the beauty industry at large, keeping the skin youthful is a big concern,which theyare willing to invest in. Skeyndor’s multiple lines e.g. Timeless Prodigy, the Corrective and Global Liftaddress this.
  • Suffering from Exposure:Today’s generation isconcerned about exposure to extreme elements e.g. heat, UV rays, pollution, dust anddebris. Skeyndor’s nurturing products Expert Cleanse Pro line, Natural Defense, Sun Expertise, Urban White use natural ingredients and skin-safe technologies to address these issues.
  • Avoiding Aesthetic Surgery:Every beauty enthusiast occasionally considers going under the knife to get that perfect look they desire. It is a big temptation. Skeyndor believes that there is a better, safer alternative to achieving these goals through our non-invasive dermo-aesthetic solutions.

Jordi Morcillo, CEO Skeyndor shares his thoughts on the iconic milestone
Your view of the Indian market 10 years ago and now ?

Actuallythere is a big change in the market from when we launched SKEYNDOR in 2011. It is much more professional and organized and India is becoming a fast-growing market with great future.The culture of beauty and care is very much into consumer´s minds and their willingness to look and feel good is gaining lot of importance.

How has Skeyndor raised the standards of skincare in India?

SKEYNDOR, following our motto”Science Creates Beauty” brings a very scientific, innovative and results driven products and treatments that has helped to raise the standards in the salons specially as regards education, product knowledge and state-of-the-art formulas that have improved Indian skin condition specially when it comes to skin brightening, lightening and anti-pollution.

Tell us about the 3 new products you are launching on this occasion?

We are launching 3 revolutionary ranges that are sure to shape the future of the professional beauty industry – Expert Cleanse Pro, ProBiome Peel and Spa Senses.

The one product you are very proud of?

The Corrective Professional Treatmentthat reduces deep wrinkles and expression lines quickly and effectively.