Shea Retention Treatment heals and repairs damaged hair naturally

ABeauty Garage is thrilled to announce the introduction of an exceptional retention hair care range specifically developed for damaged, color-treated, or fine hair. Made from exclusive formulations and innovation, the range restores the health of the hair. This hair care range for damaged cuticles is free of harsh chemicals.

The Shea Retention treatment

The Shea retention treatment is made from high-quality, naturally conditioning ingredient called Shea butter. There are immense beauty benefits of shea butter and Beauty Garage is happy to share the same with the globe. Harvested Ffrom the forests of Africa, natural fat is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree (Vitellaria). For ages, shea butter has been used as a cosmetic element. Because of its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, and even its easy-to-apply consistency, it is an excellent product for smoothing, moisturizing, and conditioning the hair.Natural ingredients like as wheat, apple, cotton, fatty acids, and proteins are used to make the Shea Retention Treatment. Using shea butter and other nourishing natural ingredients, wethe range want tois targeted towards reviveing all hair types.

Shea Retention Treatment uses a Liposomal (Phospholipids) and micro-encapsulated system (sustained-release system), which allows the chemicals to be fixed to the exterior section of the hair, entering the innermost layers of hair over several hours for full release.This is Aa fascinating Mmoisture Rretention Ttreatment that the hair care industry
that hair care industry has never seen before. The Shea series gives hair the chance to gain 18 MEA.

  • Automatic identification system: Discovers the damaged, affected and flawed part of hairfor more apt healing and repairs
  • Targeted approach: Targets the damaged parts of the hair for more effective healing, and acts like medicine for hair
  • Sustained release: The treatment ensures slow and sustained release to get effective results

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