The MyoLift™ Gua Sha is designed to complement all MyoLift™ devices. Crafted from Kansa, a highly conductive and therapeutic metal, this tool merges ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern microcurrent technology to enhance your skincare routine.

What is Kansa?

Kansa, a revered metal in Ayurveda, is a blend of Copper and Tin. Known for its “healing powers,” Kansa supports immunity, balances doshas, and promotes energy flow. When paired with microcurrent therapy, the benefits are amplified, leading to improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and energized skin cells. This combination boosts ATP production, delivering a relaxed and lifted facial treatment with deeper and longer-lasting results.

Benefits of MyoLift™ Gua Sha with Kansa:

✓Lymphatic drainage

✓Blood circulation

✓Activate collagen production

✓Fascia release to ease muscle tension

✓Edema reduction

✓Boost ATP Production

✓Balance pH level of the skin

✓Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

✓Look refreshed & energized

✓Increase hydration

✓Increase skin elasticity

Gua Sha + Microcurrent

Traditionally used for tension release and facial massage, Gua Sha becomes even more effective when made from a conductive material like Kansa and used with microcurrent technology. This combination delivers the dual benefits of Gua Sha and microcurrent therapy, saving time and providing deeper, more lasting results.

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