Shimmers Cosmetics introduces Floractive professional, a brand that heals hair from within.

Floractive Professional, a revolutionary hair care brand brings you amazing products that work to reveal the hidden beauty of your hair. The products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, offering intracellular nutrition and a great balance in the pH level of the hair. Here’s a brief glance at the products and their technology.


An innovative hair restoration treatment Nanoplastia, is an effective method of straightening that promotes healthy appearance. The base of the product consists of amino acids and collagen, saturated with ingredients that facilitate treatment at a cellular level. The formulas for nanoplastia are rich in amino acids, which, under the action of temperature, penetrate into the cortical layer of the hair, thus strengthening and healing the hair.

The 3 Treatment Range comprises

  1. W One Premium
  2. W Two Plex
  3. SOS Botox

W One Premium:

W One Premium promotes intracellular nutrition with nanotechnology that reconstructs the hair fiber, leaving it frizz-free with a long-lasting smoothness and shine.
Highlights of the product are:

  • One step hair treatment
  • No pre-treatment shampoo required
  • 100% straight results
  • Ultra shine and smooth
  • Formaldehyde and aldehyde free
  • Works with a unique blend of amino acids
  • Available in 55 countries around the globe

W Two Plex:

A special treatment for blonde hair based on nanotechnology, the W Two Plex works wonders. The nanoparticles enter the hair without opening the cuticles on using the anti-residue shampoo. The treatment efficiency increases and accelerates the healing, thereby reducing frizz and eliminating the yellowish effect on blonde hair by using its blue pigments. W Two Plex is perfect for sensitive blonde hair.

SOS Botox:

Macadamia Natural Oil SOS Botox is an intensive reconstructive hair mask with high rejuvenating power that recovers brittle, porous and rubberized hair, providing softness to the hair. Macadamia Mask acts in fiber recovering, strengthening and combating premature graying.

All in all, Floractive Professional is a great choice with a range of wonderful products to add that oomph to your locks! Try it and you’ll love it!

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