Hairotic to launch in India with a wide range of hair, beauty and personal-care products exclusively formulated for men


While the Indian beauty industry spearheads into shattering stereotypes and gender norms, the revolution of this decade is all about the rampantly growing male grooming industry. The Indian beauty industry that catered to the female population with a variety of beauty and self-care products all these years, has now come up with a broad range of brands that cater to men. Hairotic Men is one such unique brand in the market that provides a variety of products ranging from hair care and styling to skin care and more.

Launched in UAE in 2015, Hairotic Men has reached the markets of more than 25 countries and has officially signed up as global partners for HARLEY DAVIDSON. Besides making a grand entry in the global market, the brand continues to keep up its pace with latest advancements in the men’s grooming industry to develop new products in the premium category. With a belief that affordability and quality are the most important, Hairotic Men provides endless choices based on all hair and skin types.

Their motto is “Looking Good isn’t about self-importance, it’s about self-respect.”

Now Hairotic has also partnered with Grey Trendy Professionals for its launch in India, who already has tie-ups with premium brands such as Tip and Toe, The Nails Lash and Brow Salon Chain, T&T Professionals, Lashbar, T&T Institute & HMX by HAIRMECHANIXX exclusive men’s barber salon chain etc. While both the brands share the same motto and business ethics i.e.; quality and affordability over quantity, they have come together with a bigger plan on catering to their target consumer base by creating a niche market for them.

While Grey Trendy Professionals and Hairotic Men India are all set to groom the men’s selfcare segment in India with better reach and approach to the already growing industry, there’s a lot more they’re planning to introduce exclusively to enhance the importance of beauty and self-care for men in India.