Surya Basil, a Brazilian-based multinational vegan personal care brand, has launched a revamped Henna Cream range made especially for the Indian hair and scalp type. The product range includes, Henna Cream Surya Brasil, Pre-Coloration Shampoo, and Post-Color Conditioner.

Taking into account the hair and scalp woes of the people from the Asian sub-continent due to harsh chemicals, the brand  has come up with a shampoo that is 96.2% natural and a conditioner that is 98.8% natural. The Henna Cream Surya Brasil uses natural ingredients like sugarcane, beetroot, and special butter  as well as vegetal extracts from Amazonian rainforest and Ayurvedic herbs. It does not have any harsh chemicals or toxins  such as Ammonia.

According to Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder, Surya Brasil, the new product range uses Brazilian organic extracts and is specifically meant for Indian hair and scalp types, giving them maximum hydration and naturally silky hair. The new packaging of the Henna Cream comes along with advanced shampoo and conditioner for the colour to last longer.

The products are available on online portals like Amazon. The all-new Henna Cream Surya Brasil, packed along with the shampoo and conditioner, is priced at  Rs 2320. Soon the brand plans to introduce a holistic skincare range too using dermo cosmetics and organic products.


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