05 Jun 2022

According to a study published in the journal frontiers of nutrition, face masks with mung bean and selenium fermentation broth can help in skin moisturising, whitening and have antioxidants effects too. The whitening is due to the inhibitory broth after effects on tyrosinase activity, while phenols, peptides, and free amino acids aid in moisturising and anti-aging.

Selenium offers antioxidant and has a detoxifying effect on the skin. It helps in breaking down peroxides too. Mung bean is grown in subtropical and temperate regions and has potential bioactivities such as being anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-tumour.

The selenium-rich mung beans have cell walls that are tough to break down, hence biological fermentation is needed. It breaks down macromolecular substances into smaller substances and ruptures the cell walls, releasing many active agents, giving a fairer and clearer skin.