Streax Professional recently launched a new haircare range called Mercurial at a fashion event in Mumbai. Actor Mouni Roy was the showstopper of the collection, setting the stage on fire with her mercurial elan.

The new colour range is all about subtle monochromatic classy natural hair. It is more to do with soft, clean organic shapes with less texture. It is based on graphic lines, blocked colours, and cuts. The new hair collection is made out of three components:

  • Supercharged – It includes contrasts and bold textures
  • Natural Me – This theme is about softness with rawness, where tonal-layered looks are given a sense of depth using chunky knits. It has monochromatic appeal keeping the conventional lightness and brightness, giving an overall contemporary feel.
  • Otherwhere – It is about longing, self-determination, and freedom.