3D nails are making all the buzz lately, moving ahead from simply nail paints to nail accessories, designs, and patterns which add not just colour but also textural elements to nails. Floral 3D nails have been the highlight of this trend, but there is truly no limit to creative expression with 3D nails.

Perhaps the most interesting part of 3D nails is that it ditches the uniformity of more traditional nail art designs. Instead of all nails being the same colour or at least be uniform in some way, 3D nails give both manicurists and nail art enthusiasts the freedom to create a different look on each nail. These could be tied together like a singular theme, like florals, but could also be different in their own ways. Ultimately, it is up to the artist and the client to together choose something which expresses their own creativity.

To create a 3D nail art look, the natural nail can be prepped and worked upon, or a set of press-ons can be readied beforehand by the artist. Gems, stones, jewels, and other accessories are built in using a combination of builder gel and top coats and cured using a UV machine. This nail style is known to be durable, lasting from two to three weeks.