Approximately 57 lawsuits were filed against L’Oréal and other companies for using dangerous chemicals in hair products. They claimed the companies’ awareness regarding the hazardous chemicals being used in the products. The company’s continuous attempt at marketing and selling its products, despite of their knowledge of the matter is, being questioned. The big name is soon anticipated to undergo a reputation crisis.

The reports declared lawsuits filed against L’Oréal USA Inc and other representatives, lodged in federal courts across the Chicago region, claiming the products lead to cancer and other dangerous health issues. Apparently, these products use chancy chemicals to permanently straighten hair and render textures. The claims alleged the companies for its consciousness about the chemicals, yet promoting the products for personal benefits.

The concerned action will be put before the US District Judge Mary Rowland and the matter will be consolidated into a multi-district indictment. According to the order, other pretrial issues related to the matter will follow. The big name, L’Oréal, has hit a huge reputational loss, and even Reuters quoted them satirically for their safety promises. However, the company was confident about the safety of its products and presumed the lawsuits served no legal merits.

The cases included listings of the US subsidiary of L’Oréal SA and other subsidiaries of India-based representatives. Also, Godrej SON Holdings Inc along with Dabur International Ltd associates for the companies opposed the centralisation of these cases. The lawsuits filed referred to the October publication of the popular National Institutes of Health Study and found the women who were in contact with the products at least thrice a year were more likely to develop uterine cancer. Other health problems being noticed due to the chemicals include the risks of breast cancer, endometriosis, and fibroids.

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