Ellen DeGeneres and beauty tycoon, Victoria Jackson have joined hands to start a new skincare brand for aged skin called Kind Science. It will have an initial offering of seven products.

The Gentle Cleanser will be infused with vitamin C derived from kakadu plum, soothing chamomile and boswellia serrata. A product to remove the grime and blackhead is Micro Exfoliant. This multipurpose exfoliant and face mask has fruit acid blend, volcanic sand and bamboo silk.

To make the skin taut and firm, there is a Firming Serum. Infused with bakuchiol, kangaroo flower and peptides, it works wonders. The Hydration Cream, to keep the skin feel and look alive is formulated with snow mushroom, sea buckthorn, boswellia serrata and bakuchiol. For those fine lines around the eyes and neck are the Eye Cream, Neck Treatment, and Radiance Oil. They provide additional vitamins and also have brightening agents like bakuchiol, meadowfoam, jojoba and moringa oils.