Dyson has recently expanded its grooming products and straighteners by launching the Dyson Airstrait Hair Straightener on July 4th. The device comes with a plate less design and uses high-pressure airflow to straighten stray fly away, and without endless hours of drying and straightening. Priced at Rs.45,900, the device uses high-pressure air blades for drying and straightening the hair. The Dyson Airstrait Hair Straightener promises to offer users a unique hair straightening experience with its innovative technology.

According to India Today, the Dyson Airstrait straightener is designed for various Indian hair types, to allow users to get natural straight style while maintaining the hair’s strength and healthy appearance. It uses high-pressure air blades to dry and straighten hair. The device features two arms that generate a precisely angled air blade, directing airflow downwards and into the hair.

The straightener also uses the Dyson Hyperdymium motor which gets a 13-blade impeller and spins up to 106,000rpm. The motor propels 11.9 liters of air through the machine every second. It gets a 45-degree airflow angle, which creates tension and straightens hair without any breakage. Users can choose between wet and dry styling modes.

Talking about the Airstrait straightener, James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer of Dyson says, “Having a strong understanding of how to manipulate and realize the potential of powerful airflow is fundamental to the performance of the Dyson AirstraitâÄâ straightener. This expertise, which we’ve gained over the last 25 years, is what has enabled us to deliver our first wet to dry straightener, with no hot plates, and no heat damage. Delivering the ease-of-use that people love about straighteners but with high-velocity air blades, saves time, maintains hair strength and achieves an everyday natural straight style.”

The Dyson Hair Airstrait Straightener is available in two color options: Prussian Blue/Rich Copper and Bright Nickel/Rich Copper. Prospective buyers can purchase the device from Dyson demo stores, Dyson’s official website and through the MyDyson app.