The way people look at life and holidays in general has changed since the COVID pandemic hit India. Following a global wellness and wellbeing trend predicted by the Global Wellness Institute, people today are on the lookout for safe and luxurious holiday homes to spend their time away from city life. The idea is to get away from COVID fatigue and stay in comfortable homes that can provide for all the basic requirements.

Ashish, a hospitality entrepreneur has been promoting and managing such properties. His company LuxUnlock, which he launched during the pandemic manages several properties e.g. Skyfall in Salem, besides which, he has Maison 26 in Puducherry and a house in Lovedale, Udhagamandalam. He aims to have four luxury homes in paddy fields in Mamallapuram in Wayand, by the lake in Kodaikanal by 2021 end.

This is a new trend to watch out for and is seeing a good boom in the COVID years.