The founder of All India Hair & Beauty Association (AIHBA), Dr Sangeetha Chauhan launched the Karnataka Mangaluru Chapter of the ‘All India Hair & Beauty Association’ on16th August 2022. The AIHBA is a platform for hair & beauty professionals to participate in competitions at the international level and also educate them through seminars, training sessions & examinations. It collaborates with OMC, which is an organization that recognizes, educates and awards skilled artists. AIHBA is an association that consists of people who have been a part of the industry for four decades. The goal of AIHBA is to provide business tools, education, networking, etc to its members to ensure the success of their business and career while protecting the beauty industry from Tax and government exploitation. 300 plus beauticians and makeup artists who run beauty salons, academies, etc were honoured to be a part of AIHBA.