Get the perfect look for your virtual meetings and gatherings during the COVID lockdown with quick make-up hacks

With Zoom and Skype becoming the newest social hubs during the coronavirus lockdown, people are trying out different techniques and styles to look and feel good. StyleSpeak gives you some tips on how to look your quarantine best, whether it’s for that online date or a video conferencing call with your boss or to simply video chat with friends and family.

Prep the skin

If you need to look presentable on the fly, it is best to focus on the cheekbones, lips, and brows instead of covering skin imperfections. The first thing to do is prepping the skin with a nourishing oil to give an instant glow. It takes away the need to apply foundation too.

Contour it right

To avoid looking flat on the camera, opt for soft contouring. Use a sculpting contour powder that will highlight your cheekbones and dash on some blush to add colour to it. Use cream blushes instead of powdered ones for the camera as they look more natural.

Inject colour onto your lips

Pale lips can make you look like a corpse, so add

some colour to your lips and get it back to life. Opt for tinted lip balms instead of lip glosses as the latter can come across as too shiny over the camera. Lipsticks are also avoidable as they might look overly matte.

While there is a pandemic on this is the time to pay a little extra heed to health and sanitization. But there’s always a ray of hope and that’s what the beauty industry is gearing up to do soon – making others beautiful!

Play with the eyes

Tired eyes can look more sunken over the camera, so it’s essential to dramatize those eyes a little. Apply a light shimmery shade to your eyelids with a darker colour in the crease. Dash on some mascara and your favourite eye pencil to complete the look.

With these simple and easy-to do tips, you can bring back the vibrance to your face and give out a happy vibe when connecting with people remotely- a much-needed thing in today’s times of self-quarantine.