Hire and inspire to build the best salon team

The success of any business depends on the strengths and skills of employees. This stands true for a salon business as well. Being a part of the client-centric service industry requires a certain level of commitment, failing which the business may falter. So let’s take a look at the different factors needed to hire the right candidates for the salon business to thrive.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand why is hiring right really important? From a salon owner’s perspective, hiring and retaining employees is a challenging task. Neeru Radhakrishnan, Founder & Director Play Salon, Play Academy and Shea the Spa, explains, “For successful salon recruitment, salon owners and managers need to define what exactly they’re looking for in a candidate. Experience, certificates, and skills should matter, but the candidate’s communication skills, personality, and work ethic are essential for the job as well.”

Getting the right candidate onboard is crucial given the number of existing high-end salons existing in the country. If you fail to hire the right staff, the other salon will. So what are the skills to look out for in an applicant during the recruitment process? Bhupesh Dinger, Director, Enrich feels, “Right attitude towards customer service, appropriate communication skills, flexibility to grow across the salons and the potential to progress and show career growth within the salon are the qualities to watch out during the interview process.”

Promoting the right vibe

As a salon owner, it is important to follow best practices during the hiring process. At the same time it is mandatory to ensure that the candidate has the potential to gel with your salon culture, and complement the existing team because it all about team work. Emphasizing this, Neeru asserts, “Hire employees who not only possess the technical skills necessary for the job, but who also mesh well with your salon culture! Individuals who share similar values and mindsets will help create a more positive salon environment and prevent any employee conflicts in the future, making your team happier and your job simpler.”

To find the best employees for the salon, Bhupesh feels that salons should understand the strengths of the current team and make sure that the new team member complements the current team strengths. Apart from have a great onboarding experience at the company and at the salon, Bhupesh feels that “Regular checks by the Reporting Manager, Zonal Head and People Connect SPOC, Formal feedback session with People Connect Team after 2-3 months to ensure that the team member has well settled in and address any concerns of the new team member and the existing team members if any will also help in retaining the team.”.

Grooming: The best bet

For the grooming industry, the presentation of a candidate speaks volumes that will make him/her eligible for the job. The penchant towards self upkeep makes filtration of candidate easier for the recruiter. It’s noteworthy that client will always be happy to get his/her hair or makeup done by a stylist who is well groomed and stylish. Bhupesh agrees that basic presentation and grooming skills are vital. “It is also important to make sure that the employees you hire are in sync with the way you present yourself to clients,” feels Neeru.

Training opportunities

It is important to keep oneself abreast with the upcoming trends and styles to keep the client happy. In this regard, salon owners should create ample training opportunities for stylists so that they are not left behind. “At Play, we believe that you never stop growing and you never stop learning! By offering continued up skilling opportunities, you will draw in the best talent. People will want to work at your salon as you’re providing development and advancement opportunities. You’ll attract driven and ambitious individuals who want to progress in their career and who are looking to commit to your company long term. It’s also a great way to show that you care about your existing employees and there’s something ‘in it for them’ to stay with you.” Similarly “Enrich offers at least 100 hours of training, mix of both technical and developmental, which is further sub-classified into Essential, Desirable and Customized during the year for each team member,” adds Bhupesh.

Follow these best practices for recruitment and retention of the ‘right’ staff so as to maintain and enhance the reputation of your salon.