Braid twist hair

Hair: Jose Garcia Peluqueros, Pamplona.
MUAH: Isabel García.
Photographer: Aitor Esparza.

Step 1:

Initial image.

Step 2:

Create a circular selection in the crown area and attach it with a hook rubber.

Step 3:

Tease the pigtail in fine strands to create the base.

Step 4:

Roll everything into a ball shape and fasten with hairpins at its base.

Step 5:

Shape the rest of the hair with the hair straightener or curling iron to obtain a wavy effect.

Step 6:

Put the tufts of the neck towards the base of the crown and polish with the brush and lacquer Osis Session Label (flexible lacquer).

Step 7:

Create natural shapes by wrapping the base with the loose strands and hold them with invisible hairpins.

Step 8:

With your fingers, comb the sides keeping the waves created with the plates and fixing them with strong lacquer.

Step 9:

Finally, place the fringe on one side and with your fingers rotate the tip by rolling it on the base of the collection.

Step 10:

Finished Up-do