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15 August, 2017

The nails at Gucci Cruise are not for the faint of heart

Alessandro Michele's Gucci designs are always a feast for the eyes. The clash of patterns,colors, and textures—from head-to-toe—could be stared at for hours. At his latest Gucci resort 2018 show in Florence, no detail was left unadorned. Noteven the models' fingernails. Some models had their fingers dipped in a black ink from their fingertips to their knuckles. Then the nails were topped with spectacular rings and ornate hand jewelry that rivaled any nail art we have ever seen – without the commitment. Of course, dipped ink nails are not exactly wearable off the runway unless you are cosplaying a zombie. But let the statement manicure at Gucci inspire a more artful approach to your next nail art work. Go for an all-black manicure. Top it with some pearls. Then don't be afraid to pile on the costume jewelry. If the Gucci resort show taught us anything, it is that more-is-more approach to your hands and nails isdefinitely in for 2018.

Nail the nail art trends

Nail marbling, mirror nails or 3D nail art – it’s time to have some fun with yournail art, say experts. Nails take on major pops of colour this year. Fromtangerine orange to bold blues, bright hues have never looked so chic. When in doubt, go with something impossibly fresh.

3D nail art is the latest trend in the Indian nail industry.Chrome, rhinestone and metallic nails are the on going nail trends in India.Internationally, nude and pastel nails are in vogue. The 'reverse french' isalso in trend for a long time. Go for cuticle jeweler. Ring finger detailing is also in trend. Apply any colournail paint using the same colour on all the nails except the ring finger. The different colour applied on the ring finger could be glittery, for it to standout even more.

Fruit nails arehere and we can’t get enough

Peach,watermelon, banana, apple and strawberry stickers in different shapes, coloursand sizes are just some of the fruity concoctions that are giving manicured hands a tangy finish on Instagram. Some nail-art lovers have decorated their fingers with just one type of fruit, whilst others have opted for a total'fruit salad' look with a different fruit design adorning each individual finger. This innovative nail look is are freshing change from the usual dark and dramatic manicure choices one usuallyopts for in the cooler months. These are ideal for the monsoon season as well.

Game of Thrones-Inspired Designs Earn TopNAHA Nail Prize

Congratulations to nail tech Rochelle Dingman! San Jose, California based salon owner was named NailProfessional of the Year at the 2017 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). Her striking Game of Thrones-inspirednail art won the praise of the judges of this annual photo competition sponsored by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). “It was a team effort,”said Dingman



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