Cut Crease - Latest eye make-up trend

Achieve bigger and brighter eyes with the ‘Cut Crease’ make-up trend
17 January, 2018

The CutCrease eye makeup trend promises to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter.Just as the name describes, it is a technique used to define the crease of theeye by cutting across it with a contrasting eye-shadow color and mild blendingto no blending at all. The Cut Crease eye makeup trend has gone viral Instagram,Snapchat and Twitter, these days. Cut creasing has been around since the1940’s. Employed as a way of drawing attention to actress’s eyes in black andwhite films, the style was softer but is dramatically modernized today tobe more relevant.

These days, it’s all about the dramatic effect of defining your eyesocket. Simply put, you apply a lighter shade of eye-shadow all over your lidand then add a darker shade of eye-shadow on top of your lid crease. Hence thename – cut creasing.

How to get the cut creased look

· Prepthe eyelid with a primer to achieve a flawless base.

· Applya neutral shade of eye shadow all over the eyelid. Neutral eye-shadows with ahint of shimmer would also work beautifully.

· Next,apply a darker shade of brown eye-shadow above the eyelid crease. This willbring about a contrasting effect and add definition to the eye socket.

· Mildlyblend the crease line for a softer look or define the crease for a more strikingeye look.

· Drawon winged eyeliner on the upper eye lid and apply liner to the outer corner ofthe lower lash line.

· Finishoff with mascara for glamorous movie-star eyes.

Get inspired by some of the cut crease eye make-up techniques belowto create your own versions of the trend.





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