Nail art trends of 2017

StyleSpeak rounded up a few spellbound nail art trends that trended in the year 2017
01 November, 2017

Nail designs have been all over! The social media is overflowing with nail art ideasas nail artists and manicurists poured their creativity to create jaw-droppingnail art designs. They have been tacky to quirky, artistic to minimalistic,glittery to gawky but what we admire is their imagination which they turnedinto a reality. Here are some fabulous nail art trends that trended in the year2017.


Mythological Magic

Ourfantasy ride seems never-ending as we continue to explore galaxy to ocean andsky to earth. Unicorns and mermaids have been our fantasy for years and theystill are. Nail artists dug deeper and dived into the ocean to bring back thesemythological creatures in our realistic world. Mermaids, fairies and unicornssprinkled their mystical magic on nail tips. The trend kept circling aroundthis magical universe. Even brands like Nails INC couldn’t resist themselvesfrom launching unicorn-inspired nail polish! Why not try unicorn nail trendagain for your clients before it goes out of fashion?


Nail Game

Season7 of Game of Thrones is now over but it seems like GOT fans are stillhypnotized over it. While most of us were biting nails anxiously, somebrilliant nail artists like Rose Barron and Nina Park took one step ahead andamped up the game by creating fascinating Game of Thrones nail art designs.They planned and plotted just like Cercei and gave a GOT makeover to nails.They created nail designs like Daenerys’ dragon egg shell, three-eyed raven andseven kingdoms. Season 7’s ending might have left most of your clientshalf-hearted. Try the fire and ice nails design and fuel the excitement inthem!


Galaxy Galore

Ifthe summer nail trends weren’t enough for nail artists or they no longer seemedfascinated about infinite deep sea, galaxy inspired nail art popped up. Thetrend has been here for a while and it is just perfect for party season for youto try. Nail designers brought entire galaxy for nails which became an instanthit among many nail art admirers. Perk up your client’s mood by going the MilkyWay. All you need is a dark blue and black nail polish and draw dots with whitenail polish. Now form as many constellations as you want. We are sure your clientwould enjoy the galaxy galore as much as we do gazing up at the starlit sky.

Crystal Charisma

Whilesome went too experiential, some settled for minimalism! Geode nails was thenext big thing on Instagram. Crystals have healing and calming energies and allthey wanted to transfer the soothing power right on to the nails. If marblenail art trended last year, designers ensured their geode patterns stay infashion. Nail artists Jamie Paige and Erik Katt used charismatic crystals likerose quartz and purple amethyst to flaunt their work and soon geodenailsbecame popular on Instagram.


Fierce & Fearless

Nailfanatics hoped for a wonder to happen this year. And voila, it literallyhappened! The Super heroine Wonder Woman from DC Comic series was the nextinspiration for nail manicurists. Didn’t we always secretly hope to become aWonder Woman too?  This crime-fightingsuper heroine somehow manages to look ravishing in any situation. That’s whennail artists couldn’t keep their hands off from trying a fierce manicure. Takea cue from it and make your client’s next manicure fiery and fearless!


Creepy yet Cute

Everyyear Halloween brings a fresh bout of energy and enthusiasm among nail artenthusiasts. This year wasn’t exceptional! From orange-hued pumpkins, uglycobwebs, creepy clowns to blood-chilling skeletons, nail art inspired byHalloween was extremely spookier, scarier yet creepily creative. Nailmanicurists made nails go blood-thirsty but kept very artsy.


Beaded & Bejeweled


Allthat glitters is absolutely gold! A woman’s obsession about thoseever-sparkling jewels and beads is eternal. Jewels-studded nail art was too ona hot list among other nail trends. Social media dazzled with countless beadedand jeweled manicures. Nail artists used rhinestones, glittery beads, diamondsand various sparkly jewels to embellish nails. Bejeweled nail manicure is a must-tryfor this part season, especially if you’re contemplating about the choicesyou’ve! 

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