Unicorn-inspired make-up & beauty trends

everything you need to know about unicorn-inspired makeup and beauty looks
01 November, 2017

Unicorns are real! At least the makeup trends that have been trending all over tend to make one believe so. Unicorn inspired beauty is all the rage these days. In case you are wondering about this mysterious trend, makeup that has some kind of combination of iridescence, sparkles and the rainbow, definitely belongs to the unicorn beauty realm. Cosmetic brands have also got in on the craze and have released numerous products and collections that are inspired by these majestic creatures. Needless to say beauty enthusiasts are fully equipped and bound to get creative and have a lot fun with this magical trend.



Unicorn tears sparkle like diamonds. The Unicorn inspired eye makeup looks like it jumped right out of a fairy tale. This makeup trendtypically incorporates the unicorn horn in a way that mimics the winged eyeliner along with a rainbow of colours and glitter. Although this trend may seem too playful and time consuming for daily wear, it is the inspiration that counts.The unicorn eye trend can be tailored to choice with the right amount of sparkle and an eye shadow colour palette that includes rainbow colours and iridescent shades,especially in blue and purple.


The Unicorns a mystical creature that glows and shines with a wholesome titillating array of colours. To achieve that celestial glow,cosmetic brands have formulated and brought forth glitzy products that are reminiscent of stardust and magic. Iridescent highlighters, rainbow bronzes andeven unicorn horn makeup brushes have been crafted to effectively achieve a magical glow.


Iridescent lips scream Unicorn kisses. Unicorn inspired lips are the only makeup look from this beauty trend that is versatile enough to be worn through the day and at night. Frosty pastels, iridescent colours and pearlescent pinks can transform lips into a wonderful masterpiece.


The unicorn nail art has taken the internet by storm and everyone is buzzing to get their hand son this trend. The swirly, sparkly horn that distinguishes a unicorn's forehead is an integral part of this fantastic yet daring, glitzy look. The unicorn manicure features pointy nails painted with iridescent and sparkly polish while the horn accent nail remains the star of the nail art.




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