Keep it Clean and Healthy

Here are a few tips to keep your nail salon clean, safe and allergy-free
05 November, 2018

Have any of your nail techs developed an allergy? Are some of your clients avoiding particular nail product when they come to your salon? Everyday nail technicians perform several services like polishing, filing, manicures, pedicures and nail art but are they safe while performing these services? Products used at a nail salon contain toxic ingredients that can develop allergies and skin reactions if not handled properly. It is crucial to implement clean, tidy and safe working practices in order to run your nail salon business without any hindrance. Let’s understand how can you keep your nail salon clean and nail technicians safe from allergies.

1. Keep your workstation clean and dust free

Dust is a common culprit to develop allergic reactions in you or your clients. As a nail technician, you are likely to deal with glitter, beads and other dusty particles on a daily basis. Hence, it is highly important to keep your workstation clean and dust-free. After performing the service on your client’s nails, always clean your desk and replace used towels with fresh ones. Wear a dust mask to prevent dust-induced allergies as well as always wash your hands before and after performing the service.

2. Reduce overexposure of the skin

Have you ever thought that direct contact with nail products can potentially be harmful to you? It can become habitual for nail technicians where they knowingly or unknowingly directly use products without taking any precautions. However, continuous exposure to such products can cause adverse health effects. These are the precautionary measures that you can take while performing nail services:

  • It is recommended to use disposable Nitrile gloves while handling certain nail products to avoid direct skin contact. 
  • Wear a long-sleeved and well-fitted smock in order to prevent accidental spills or skin exposure to ingredients.
  • Keep liquids or creams in small-sized containers at the work table in order to prevent spillage.

3. Prevent occupation-induced allergy

As a nail technician, you are bound to deal with different types of liquids, creams and adhesives. While you may take every precaution for yourself but it is also your responsibility that your client does not develop any kind of infection or allergy.

Monomer liquid is frequently used when working on acrylic nails. Prolonged handling with such liquids can cause allergic reactions. Monomer-soaked pads should be disposed immediately once you performed nail art service on your client. The trash cans should be emptied and cleaned on a daily basis. Always keep the ventilation on during work hours as liquids and adhesives also pollute the indoor air.

4. Get rid of harmful nail products

Nail polishes and other nail related products are usually made with certain ingredients and chemicals. However, you can find a variety of nail polishes that come with much improved and safer formulas. Here are a few more tips that will help you choose eco-conscious products for your salon:

  • Always look for products that are free of harmful chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, parabens and sulfates.
  • Create a collection of water-based nail polishes as they do not emit toxic fumes. Solvent-based nail polishes usually emit toxic fumes, impacting indoor air quality.

5.    Disinfect your nail tools

The tools used in nail salons need to be disinfected after every usage. In order to prevent any infections or allergies, it’s important to soak the tools in a disinfectant for a good amount of time to make these tools germs-free. Nail technicians should handle all the tools with gloved hands. Using disinfected tools is a surefire way to prevent contamination or any type of allergies at the salon.


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