The boom in the male grooming industry in India and across the globe

A glance at the male booming industry and its impressive growth
05 November, 2018

Makeup, exfoliation, hydration, or masking are no longer a regimen limited to women. Male grooming has undergone a dramatic change over the past several years to become one of beauty's most dynamic segments. The taboos are slowly dropping, and a growing number of men are using anti-aging serums and masks, beauty devices, and even makeup.

The growth of men’s toiletries is outpacing that of fragrances and shaving products, indicating that male grooming has gone beyond the basics of shaving and fragrance. This includes men’s bath and shower, skin and hair care products. Statistics published in a recent report say that the global market for male grooming products is booming, and projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020.

The Transition

A lot of hairdressers have started taking interest in traditional barbering skills, such as using clippers to get tight skin fades, or adopting wet shaving for that extra close shave.

It’s definitely noticeable how hair is playing such an important role on the catwalks, with major involvement of extensive hairdressing teams to create a look that goes hand-in-hand with the clothing.

Men don’t just want a great hair cut, they want to be educated on how to style their hair and maintain their style. Guys want to look the part from head to toe, and that bespoken hair cut essentially finishes off their look for that sense of final completion.

Increase in Male Grooming Products

The ranges of Male Grooming products have grown significantly over the last 20 years. From consumer grooming ranges to professional range sold exclusively through salons and barbershops. The choice for men has never been so great. The marketplace for men’s grooming products has become even more competitive. In fact, the shelves groan under the weight of so many different grooming ranges all vying for that spot of being the number one men’s grooming range.

Male Grooming as a concept in India

If you thought Indian men have a lot to learn when it comes to self-care, you couldn’t be more mistaken. And we’re not talking about Indian male celebrities who are always at the top of their grooming game – and of course, they are; their job demands it. Surprisingly, this is also exactly the reason why most Indian men want to clean up. It’s not to impress their dates but to earn brownie points at work, according to a report put out by the global marketing research firm, Nielsen, late last year. The grooming market for men in India is well worth over 5000 crore and it is rapidly expanding purely because Indian men want to get in the good books of their bosses at work and climb up the corporate ladder.

In urban India, men are increasingly becoming aware of the latest trends and concerns surrounding one’s physical appearance. Due to the rising disposable income, they are willingly spending some serious money on grooming products.

More number of brands are now launching men’s grooming products to target them in the right way. Recently, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), India’s largest consumer products company, and US-based retailer Amazon’s Indian subsidiary have co-developed a line of hair and men grooming products. In December last year, Emami also picked up a 30% equity stake in Gurugram-based Helios Lifestyle, which sells men’s grooming products under The Man Company brand. So, getting into the men’s grooming space is a trend now. Brands are in this way providing better options for Indian men. Thanks to the boom in the male grooming industry that men have bigger options now. Companies like L’Oréal, HUL, Nivea and many more have shown greater interest in investments in men’s grooming products.

Brands like, DEPOT – The Male Tools & Co, Wahl India, Beardo, Paul Mitchel are some of the brands that offer professional male grooming products. From clippers to beard oil, from trimmers to moustache wax, these brands to cater to a variety of hair care related needs of the men.


Like any other industry, Men’s grooming sector too has its own set of challenges. Truefitt& Hill is another leading men’s grooming brand. It is still not much appreciated if a man gets his eyebrows or a manicure or pedicure done. People are still unable to differentiate between manscaping and grooming. This implies that the beautification process is limited to a few men. only a some men. Another difficulty for those running barbershops and mens salons like Truefitt& Hill is that of keep their staff updated and training them about the latest trends in the male grooming sector. Getting a well-trained staff or training the unfledged novices is equally challenging. Since they have the responsibility of representing the brand, it’s the most crucial factor to be taken care of.

So, with more awareness, the industry could see a better rise in the coming future. The challenges are rising and the main test for most brands, in the long run, will be to keep a hold of their target consumer and let go off their hesitation to buy products related to men’s grooming.

However, the fact remains that with more number of brands coming into the men’s grooming sector, the Indian market is now full of options and opportunities for men to feel and look better as well.


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