Tips for Long-lasting Make-up

Cherag Bambboat, Elton Fernandez and Ojas Rajani share their best tips to achieve a long-lasting bridal make-up
10 September, 2018

It’s her big day and she wants to look her best, but the fear of melting make-up makes her restless. Indian weddings are usually extensive in terms of rituals and celebrations; her makeup can easily melt off due to the humid climate in our country. Fortunately, the beauty market is full of effective make-up products, but it’s smart tips and tricks that actually work in order to have long-lasting make-up. Whether it’s a day wedding or night, it’s her make-up that is going to talk about your work. These pro tips from renowned make-up artists will help you achieve a long-lasting make-up look for your client to have a worry-free wedding.


Daytime Bridal Make-Up Tips

A daytime wedding can be fun, laid-back and charming. Daytime weddings are also cost-effective and one can take beautiful pictures in broad daylight. However, humid weather can be a spoiler for the bride’s make-up. Prep your bride-to-be client with these excellent tips shared by the multi-faceted make-up artist Elton Fernandez.


Prepping the skin

Elton emphasizes on prepping the skin in advance, even before applying make-up. He says, “Hydrated skin from the inside out is crucial for long-lasting make-up. Right from having a lot of water in the body to putting moisturisers on the skin, it is of utmost importantance. It’s best to moisturize the skin before going to bed.

Its because the skin is damp and the skin absorption is highest during night time.” He further explains that lip care is also an essential part of bridal make-up. Using a lip balm on a daily basis can keep lips well-hydrated. Skin, eye and brow primers are also very important to achieve a long-lasting make-up look.


Face Makeup

Before applying make-up, a bride really needs to make sure that her skin is hydrated and prepped well with primer. It ensures longevity of make-up through out the day. A make-up artist has to choose primers with a serious staying power, as different primers have different sticky levels that allow make-up to stay latched onto the skin.


The Eyes and Lips

Eye make-up is really an extension of the wardrobe and the personality of a bride. The decor of the wedding venue also plays a crucial role in bridal make-up. For example, if the wedding is held indoors, there might be a lot of shadows created, the eye make-up can then be kept simple and clean to maintain a nice balance. If the bride doesn’t have thick lashes, then using false lashes that aren’t too heavy or too long can add some glamour for her daytime wedding. Elton recommends softer colours for lip make-up like peaches, greys, browns, nudes or corals.


Evening Wedding Bridal Make-up

Every bride wants to look flawless and beautiful on her big day, but there is always a fear nagging her. What if the eyeshadow smudges or her make-up starts wearing off? We got Bollywood’s favourite make-up artist Ojas Rajani to guide you on how to create long-lasting make-up for your bride-to-be clients.


Prepping the skin

She recommends rubbing a lot of ice made of rose water as it moisturizes the skin. Massage the face with a hydrating cream like Dior, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown or La Mer so that the skin is well-hydrated and supple. The secret to long-lasting make-up lies in the kind of make-up products you choose for your clients.


  1. branded primer like Laura Mercier helps hold foundation for a prolonged period. It’s important to create a smooth base before performing the next make-up steps. Apply Tom Ford or Giorgio Armani waterproof foundation that comes with a 24-hour lasting effect.


Ojas emphasises on choosing the right type of foundation and primer according to your client’s skin type. She also points out that laugh lines or creases under the eyes can make brides look terrible on their big day if not covered properly. She recommends using special primers like line fillers or under eye creams to hide those unsightly lines.


Face Make-up

The dimly lit backdrop and the orange-hued glow in the night sky makes evening weddings inexplicably stunning. Ojas advises on having shiny and shimmery make-up as the night light captures the beauty of the evening wedding impeccably. Although every bride wants a foundation with a dewy finish that looks slightly illuminating, it can be blended with shimmer to get that desired glow for an evening wedding. She suggests using a cream based eyeshadow. Use a lot of shimmer on top or use a lot of pigment like gold or copper as it will accentuate their eyes.


Eye Makeup

For eye make-up, glitter based eyeshadow can be used. Then apply
a product called Eye Base as it holds the eye make-up for hours. It doesn’t spoil the eye make-up and it doesn’t make it look tacky.


Trending Lip Colours

A contrasting yet elegant combination of glamorous-looking eyes and soft lipstick colours makes a bride look fresh and it retains the youthfulness of her face. Lip sealers are very important especially if you want to maintain her entire look throughout the day.


Cherag Bambboat’s Pro Tips

Knowing the right make-up application tricks along with various branded make-up products can help you achieve long-lasting make-up. Celebrity make-up artist Cherag Bambboat too insists on choosing the right make-up products like primer, concealer and foundation. He suggests that using a matte liquid concealer and primer is important to sustain make-up through the day. Additionally, Kat Von Dee or Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation can
hold the make-up for a whole day.



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