Preparing the Groom

Read on to discover the grooming game for male clients that are grooms-to-be
28 September, 2018

Wedding Season is on and it is time to get set for the to-be married clients that need to be groomed for the big day. But it isn’t just the bride who will get to look their glamorous best this season. More and more men are keen on looking their ravishing best for their wedding as well and there is a whole new world of beauty treatments available that will help them enhance their appearance.

The modern groom understands the need to look as flawless as his bride and therefore, is open to going through essential grooming procedures. To transform the modern groom, we have listed out some essential and highly effective steps to build his aesthetic appeal.


It is highly important to ensure the groom has flawless skin. Apart from the daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing, his skin needs to be exfoliated and pampered to make it glow from within. While a classic cold shave is ideal for exfoliation on his jaw line, a good exfoliation cleanse is great to efficiently get his skin free of pollutants and dead skin cells. A pampering fruit facial days before the big day is also ideal to add a fresh glow to his face.


The groom needs to decide on the hairstyle he wants to rock at his wedding. Deciding upon an ideal cut and style with your client is essential and needs to be done at least a month prior. If your client is clueless and has arrived at the salon just a few days or hours before his big day, giving him a classic style like a skin fade on the sides and texturized hair at the top which can be slicked back or worn as is will do the trick.


Eyebrows can add boldness to one’s personality. Get your groom-to-be client well groomed eyebrows by gently trimming and ever so slightly shaping his brows. Make sure to also get rid of any signs of a uni-brow to guarantee a handsome looking client.


A groom-to-be definitely requires a classic manicure to take care of gritty, grimy and untidy nails and cuticles. This is also essential to get his hands exfoliated, pampered and soft to the touch. Finish off the manicure with some cuticle oil and a musky hand cream for a luxurious touch.


Make-up for men is a growing trend today and judging by the glitz and glamour of Indian weddings, a bit of make-up can help the groom stand out and not get overpowered by his traditional attire. Make-up for men should mainly correct skin problems, enhance strong features and not take away their masculinity.

Step 1

On a clean and moisturized face, apply a good concealer like Tom Ford for Men Concealer that will mask dark circles or any blemishes or redness from shaving.

Step 2

Use a BB cream and colour correct his skin whilst taking care of it at the same time.

Step 3

Get rid of oiliness and shine by applying a powder foundation which is light-weight like Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation.

Step 4

Add warmth to his face and define his cheekbones with a mild bronzer like Clinique for Men Face Bronzer.

Step 5

Apply a hydrating lip balm with a slight tint for a desirable pout.

These are all the best tips you need to know to get your male client groomed and at par with his beautiful bride for his wedding day.



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