Latest hair colour techniques that are raging globally

Expand your horizon by learning new tips and tricks of global hair colours
03 July, 2018

There is never a reason for a new look – a makeover, that edgy cut or the funky hair colour! And we are falling for the hair colour trends this season. Today the clients are embracing hair colours and how; they are more than ready to spice up their tresses!

And with the rise in new colour techniques looks like, coloured hair is more than just an accessory. From Crystallizing, rooting, to Opal – there are so many cool new trends to work with. Best of all, they work for all types of colours and needs, whether your client is a rainbow-hair fan or a die-hard brunette. These techniques are all variations of existing techniques but it is important for you as a stylist to understand how they are modified and applied that makes them fresh and exciting.

Let’s check out the cool hair colouring techniques that are doing the rounds of salons across the globe and see which ones would you like to include in your salon...


This jewel-inspired trend is meant to mimic the multifaceted color of an opal. This hair colour trend requires dyeing the hair platinum, which adds sparkle to the colours. These tones in this tend to be on the darker side, they have a silvery sheen, but the reflective colours are all in the pastel family. This trend requires lots of laborious hand-painting. This one’s an eye-candy – an addition to the Unicorn hair colour trend.

This technique is the new go-to. It is neither balayage nor ombré, but rather a subtle way of highlighting the hair. You will have a blend of colours next to each other, from ashy to blonde to brunette, as this is what gives it that lived-in colour look. This hair colour trend gives the effect of being comfortable yet effortlessly sexy!

Oil Slick

This one is for dark-haired ladies, and is created by taking all of those colours you see in an oil slick and layering them throughout the hair. It gives an illusion of reflecting different colours from different angles. This one’s a multifaceted hue which you can improvise with and make your client look all edgy and fun!

This one’s more avant-garde cousin of ombré. Inspired by the rings around Saturn, this trend features a lighter hue that encompasses the centre of the hair length. It can be bold or subtle depending on what the client prefers.
This look allows those with straight hair to try something different, without getting a haircut. Try this on your straight-haired client and she will be your loyalist forever!

Geode Hair

This one’s done mostly in shades of purple, geode hair is a two-colour look that grows out with the ease of lived-in colour, with the impact of rainbow hues. Your client’s hair will look dreamy, iridescent amethyst shade just like a sparkling gem when it catches the light.

This technique, makes those tresses look more like a's sparkly, it's shiny, it reflects and deflects light. Crystallizing is perfect for those clients who want a more sophisticated version of a colour that's not necessarily natural.

Forget highlights – floodlights are about to be ‘the thing’. This spin on an existing technique makes hair look perpetually sunlit – or like there is a spotlight on the head adding shine and dimension. It only looks cool, but helps your client get in and out of the salon quicker since there's no intermediate step. It will give your client a subtle change and she will still feel different!

You can work with coral, rose-gold, lilac, and pearl hues, which correspond to those common tone descriptions – golden, warm, ashy, and icy. This technique is all about painting in shimmers of tones that are becoming and flattering.

Use these colouring techniques on your clients at your salon and you will have them coming back for more!


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