Top nail polish colours in 2018

Try this season's hottest nail polish colours and let your clients flaunt their nails stylishly
18 June, 2018

There is an inexplicable charm about nail polish colours. They reflect one’s personality and personal style. The choice of your client’s nail polish colours also determines that they follow trends and they are fashionable. StyleSpeak rounded up this season’s top trendy colours to help your client flaunt their nails stylishly.


Volatile Violet

Come blossom and one could think of getting cosy with style and comfort. Luckily, ultraviolet has been announced as the Pantone colour of the year that expresses delicacy and elegance of a woman. It is a perfect colour of any season that gives you chance to paint your client’s nail with such rich colour.

Gold Rush

This colour is absolutely for your golden girl client. Rose gold holographic colour has gained immense popularity among nail fanatics and nail technicians too cannot get enough of this. It brings a fresh bout of change on fingertips, giving a shimmery effect. The rose gold holographic nail polish has shiny metallic pigments and usually looks best at the well-lit places creating super-sparkling effect. No wonder why this could be a perfect shade for special occasions like parties!

Nude Nails 

If dark shades reflect a woman’s mysterious charisma and boldness, neutrals balance her feminine traits. Different hues of nudes have a phenomenal power to reflect versatility as the colour is conveniently suits any skin tone. Try neutral shades from Marc Jacobs that come with a super polish formula and long-lasting shine.

Classic, bold Red

Classic bold red can never go out of fashion. The dark shade like red adds intensity and mysteriousness to one’s personality and red is also a perfect holiday shade. It encourages your clients to flaunt their bold side without any hesitation. Dive into the intensity of this colour and give that perfect mani-pedi to your client for this entire year.

Blasting Blue

Just like the sky is boundless, the blue too has its own countless variations. Nail designers draw inspiration from the infinite ocean to limitless sky to paint their client’s nails in a most imaginative way and blue is that colour which makes it easy. Blue stays in fashion no matter what season is going on. Fortunately, blue - an ideal manicure and pedicure colour will be trending this year as well.

Dazzling Hue

Fantasizing about mermaids, seashells, and unicorns have gone to another level. We all love shiny, shimmery things and if one colour hasn’t impress you enough, iridescent nail colour is going to slay the nail game. The colour reflects a variety of colours with one swipe. It’s a colourful ride for those who cannot get enough of iridescence. These mythological creatures have always been the fantasy of human beings and they are going to be as far as we continue to polish the nails with this dreamy colour. 

Tangerine Orange

Tangerine orange is the new millennial pink that brings a glow to any skin tone in an instant. Be it summer or winter, this vibrant and cheery shade is meant for all seasons. It equally complements fair as well as dusky complexion. The sultry hue is a sure-fire way to bring that much-desired sun-kissed glow with a single coat on nails. Whether the weather is warming up or the temperature is dipping down, the colour is going to stay for a while.




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