Quirky nail art trends to try in 2018

StyleSpeak discovers some of the quirky trends that have made it big on Instagram and other social media sites this year
17 June, 2018

Words: Shweta Dravid


The nail art industry is gaining prominence in this world of fashion and beauty with every season, a new trend being splashed all over social media. And what’s noteworthy is that people are raring to try them out, however, expensive and offbeat they are. From muted metallics to vibrant violets, the latest nail trends are quirky, stylish and over-the-top! Let’s explore what’s rocking this year’s nail story!

Shimmer ‘em on – Shimmery nails are doing the rounds these days and mind you, they are not glitters. The shimmer gives the nails diffused and frosted look. They are easy to remove and create an elevated look.

Chromes make a splash – Chromes or mirrored nails are ruling the roost this year giving the nails a futurist look. The popular colours in this look are silver chrome, dark gray and lilac. The metallic gold has been a crowd-pleaser always and still is. The million-dollar nail look is attained using a chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or even highly pigmented powder.

Gilded Nails – Nails with a message is the latest in the nail fashion industry. It has a simple base colour like sheer nude or milky white and then over it come stickers with single letters, giving out a message. These are later sealed with a clear glossy topcoat. Many women are seen adorning black nails with the message painted in white as well. So take your pick and see what clicks!

Half Moon – This year there are no more French tips, it’s all about cuticle half moon. The colours used could be subtle or bright and bold with contrasting shades of purple and pink. But half moon is here and it’s going to stay!

Bring on the Bling – People are moving away from safe and contemporary nudes and moving towards embellished nails. In fact, nails have become the new jewelry – the ultimate fashion accessory. The in-fashion nail art includes crystal pixies, glistening French tips, light-catching Swarovski crystals and charms stuck onto the nails.

Punctured Nails – These dramatic nails are one of Insta favourites. Aptly called punctured nails, they look like they are holes on the nail. The nail is painted in a bright colour like a cobalt blue with sharp, long tips and at the edge it has a negative space cut-out to make the nails look like they are punctured. They look a little scary at first glance but slowly they grow on you.

Outline Nails – Outline nails are quite a rage. They look chic and trendy with only the tip and the end coloured in contrasting colours and the rest of the nail kept in a basic nude colour or a bold black. This style is definitely going to be around for a long time.

Rainbow nails – Add a splash of colour to the nails with a multitude of colour. Rainbow nails as they are aptly called are a big hit on Instagram and Pinterest. The negative space rainbow can be worn any time of the year and with any colour outfit – so there is no need to change the nail colour every time.

Blinking eye nails – If you want to have shock value, then these blinking eye nails will be just what you are looking for your clients. This was the first nail trend to make it to the headlines this year and it has been quite popular ever since.

Picasso-inspired nails – Nail art has been inspired by fine art in the past with Van Gogh stars, Keith Haring figures and Monet lilies painted on fingertips but the Picasso-inspired nails are different. They look amazing due to their abstract nature and any colour combination looks fabulous. Try mixing a host of contrasting colours to give it a more arty look.

Naked Nail Simple, clean and modern – that's what naked nails are all about and people are loving it! Match the base colour of the nail paint with the client’s skin colour and then use a high-pigment colour like Cajun Shrimp to make a thick line across the nail or diagonally or in an abstract manner and it’s done!

So it’s time you made a nail statement and increase your nail repertoire with these quirky and trendy nail art designs!




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