Olaplex Hair Colour Treatment

StyleSpeak recommends Olaplex Hair Colour Treatment for your clients with colour damaged hair
09 April, 2018

Hair colouring is one of the hottest trends across the world and who would not like to see their hair coloured in blue, burgundy or fiery red? Your clients are no exception. They too love colours and they might think a few streaks of colours would not damage their hair.  Fully coloured or not, colouring can expensively cause damage to their hair. If they are already suffering from colour damage, the best you could do is to reverse the damage with top hair colour treatment.

Olaplex, the global hair colour treatment is another step towards hair healing when the damage is too much. It can help you reverse the damage of your client’s hair. Here’s know-how of Olaplex Hair colour treatment.

Chemical Damage

Damaged hair is often the result of frequent colouring, perming and other chemical-infused treatments. Exposure to chemicals makes hair vulnerable to extreme damage. Its outer layer opens up, making the internal structure more vulnerable than before. Once this occurs, slowly and gradually hair starts showing unpleasant symptoms like brakeage and dullness. Now, your clients did not sign up for damage but they agreed to colour. So recommending them pre and post hair colour treatments are extremely important for them and Olaplex is one of them.


Olaplex– A Breakthrough in Hair Colour Treatments

Olaplex has already left its footprints in the UK and USA salons and since then its powerful formula couldn’t keep Indian markets waiting for so long. Olaplex is a powerful treatment that you can recommend to your client. The hair conditioning treatment restores the strength of hair by reconnecting broken disulphide sulphur bonds. It has an incomparable ability to restructure, rebuild and restore the hair in its best form.

How it works?

Some of your clients might have gone through plenty of treatments like using relaxants, glossing and what not. However, Olaplex works differently. When colouring eats away hair proteins, it starts disturbing the whole hair structure. That’s when Olaplex plays an extremely important role. It directly works on hair structure, allowing you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of hair. Most importantly, it is extremely compatible with all hair types.  The hair experts can mix the concoction directly with the hair dye or it can be used as a separate treatment. Its feasibility feature allows a hair expert to experiment without any worries.


Application of Olaplex Hair Colour Treatment

Olaplex Hair Colour Treatment consists of Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfector and Hair Perfector. The whole treatment is infused with miraculous properties that would only do good for your client’s hair. The application of Olaxplex is as easy as abc and requires a number of sessions depending on your client’s hair condition. Here is a step-by-step process of Olaplex:

Step 1 – requires Olaplex No. 1 (Bond Multiplier)

Bond Multiplier can be used a stand-alone treatment or can be mixed with the bleach, especially if you are colouring your client’s hair. It’s like a precautionary step even before your client ever suffer from chemical damage. Once applied on hair, leave it for 20 minutes in order to get saturated.


Step 2 – requires Olaplex No. 2 (Bond Perfector)

Once you rinse your client’s hair gently, prep up your client for the second phase of the treatment. Apply Olaplex’s Bond Perfector that works as a hair mask. It should be left for a good 10-15 minutes as it helps to reverse the damage caused by colouring.


Step 3 – requires Hair Perfector

Olaplex Hair Perfector works as a leave-in conditioner that helps your client to keep the goodness of the whole treatment intact. When they are being treated at the salon, conclude your treatment by applying the Hair Perfector. You can also advise them to continue using it as a leave-in conditioner at least once a week.

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