Top Colour trends for Indian women

StyleSpeak brings you the best hair colour trends to pursue this year that are perfect for Indian women
09 April, 2018

A fresh new hair colour is always the go-to option for women who seek a deliberate makeover. A hair colour can transform one’s look majorly and create an enviable vibe for any lady. Keeping in mind the natural Indian hair and colour and skin tone, we have compiled gorgeous international hair colours and techniques that are trending this year and are perfect for Indian brunettes to sport with confidence.

Copper Curls

Adding warmth to a brunette head of curls can liven up the hair texture and bring about vibrancy in the mane. What better way to do it than by adding red hues to the mix. Red highlights can work wonders on curly hair as it adds dimension and a fiery appeal. To get the best of these fiery highlights on curly hair, apply the colour without using foils. This technique will give you the freedom to check your highlighting strategy on your client and help identify the right curl strands to colour so that the highlights can frame the face and catch light perfectly. 

Root Beer

2018 is most likely to be the year of the brunette. That being said ‘Root Beer Hair’ is definitely the hair colour trend to follow all year long. Root Beer is a deep brown colour trend with auburn highlights. The key to achieving this blend of colours is to look for warm highlights and lowlights within the rich nutty brown colour family. This hair colour trend can be incorporated by using a soft balayage technique or personalized highlights that peek out from beneath the hair.

Chocolate Mauve

Chocolate Mauve is the perfect hair colour for Indian clients who would like a bit of vibrancy and subtlety to their look. The Chocolate Mauve hair trend is a dreamy hue that is versatile enough to be carried off at work and to a romantic date. This hair colour trend is also easier to achieve on brown hair since it doesn’t require too much of bleach and merges with the brown tones already present in the hair. Experts create custom blends of 5 different tints such as dark brown, warm medium brown, mauve and pink in two different tones for a vibrant shade.

Face Framing Balayage

A face framing balayage is a beautiful way to give your client’s strands extra depth and frame their face to enhance their features. A face framing balayage includes adding highlights in the front that contour the face and subtly fade towards the back of the head. This hair colour trend is perfect for any season as it is a versatile and natural style. This hair colour trend gives the illusion of perfectly sun kissed hair and is perfect for those who enjoy natural hairdos.

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