Types of fringes suitable for every face shape

Trendiest fringe styles that work for different hair textures and face shapes
08 April, 2018

Fringes are back with a bang! Noticeably conquering crowns from celebrities to runways, bangs are the new sensational hair trend this year with various avant garde variations like Emma Watson’s Baby Fringe and Emma Roberts’ Blunt short fringe. Fringes can work wonders for a face. Fringes are definitely not low maintenance and there are also concerns among people wondering if this hip hair trend will suit their overall look. It can add softness to a face, frame a face or even add edginess. While most people think that fringes are only right for those with straight, long hair, we are here to break that misconception. Here is a compilation of 2018’s trendiest fringe styles that work for different hair textures and face shapes.

Coiled and Grungy

Face Shape: All face shapes

Yes you got that right! Curly hair fringes are a thing and are seen from 2018 Runways to the streets of fashion capitals.  Despite the common stigma of curly hair bangs, fringes with a curly texture are all the rage this year. Creating a brow length fringe in the middle that gradually gets longer toward the temples is the aesthetic. Make sure to cut the fringe on natural curly hair when it is dry as curls tend to bounce up and therefore you would get the length right. Once cut properly, this fringe requires less manipulation as it is recommended to be worn in its natural texture.


Feather touch

Face Shape: Square

Long feathery bangs that taper to the sides add softness to an angular Square face. To create this fringe for a square face, it is ideal to cut the fringe right below the eyebrows with feathery strands in the center that show a bit of forehead, leaving the heavier pieces of hair on the sides so that it doesn’t entirely cover your client’s eyes. This fringe style is light and essential to soften bold features.

Soft Arch

Face Shape: Round

Round face shapes already have soft and subtle features. To play on these features, suggest your client a softly arched fringe that is more graphic and full bodied like Taylor Swift’s bangs. Thick bangs rather than wispy fringes are more ideal and will make more of an impact on a round face shape by accentuating the subtle bone structure of this face shape.

Swept to the Side

Face Shape: Heart

Heart shaped faces are characteristically wide at the forehead with a tapered jaw line. Side Sweeping bangs balance this face shape by drawing attention downwards towards the eyes. Create layered feathery bangs that can be swept to the side. The shortest pieces of the fringe should hit the arch of your client’s eyebrows while the longest pieces meet the outer corner of her eyes.


Chop Chop

Face Shape: Oval

Oval faces have the liberty to try any hairstyle and be ensured it will look great. That being said, Choppy Bangs will add that much needed edge for a fashionable avatar. This fringe style looks especially great with thicker hair. These bangs are not cut straight, instead they are uneven and have a slightly unkempt look with choppy ends covering the entire forehead. Choppy bangs do not feature the same prominence and heaviness that are seen in blunt bangs; and still draws attention to the eyes like blunt bangs do. Choppy bangs can also be personalized to become slightly wispy if desired.

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