Top 10 curly hairstyles

StyleSpeak brings to you some amazing hairstyles for your curly haired clients
08 April, 2018

With the natural hair movement making huge strides in helping women embrace their curls, clients will be looking to you for ideas on how to style their curls, especially this Spring.

If your client has curly hair, odds are that they either embrace it wholeheartedly or wish to the hair gods that it were different. After all, curls are a blessing, but they are not always easy to manage. That's why we put together easiest yet stunning hairstyles for those clients of yours with curly hair. Just because your client has curly hair doesn't mean that they have to stick to one or two basic hairstyles. Just take a cue from each of the below hairstyles, each of these styles is easy to replicate, and at most, they'll require five minutes of bobby pins and hair spray. And yet they somehow produce glamorous, red carpet–worthy results.


Whether your client has corkscrew curls or loose waves, these spring hairstyles will definitely make them love their tresses more!


Bring out your client’s inner lioness by letting it all out. It’s not only incredibly sexy, but it’s also so easy to maintain. First, wash the hair and apply the mask to hydrate the hair. Towel dry and apply a styling product for curly hair, scrunching the hair while doing so to get the curls going. Then, dry hair with a diffuser or blow dry. Continue scrunching the hair to create volume, making sure to flip the hair in different directions to lift strands.

Center Part

Perfect for clients with a symmetrical face, this look is perhaps one of the easiest hairdos for curly hair. All you need to do is to flip wet hair over and apply some curly hair styling product, scrunching the hair to encourage curl pattern. Then, flip the mane back and see how the curls naturally fall on the head. Using a rat-tail comb, part the hair down the middle. Conclude with some finishing spray for some added shine.

Side Part

The process is quite similar to the Center Part hairstyle, except when actually parting the hair. Simply find the top arch of the eyebrow, then part the hair with a rat-tail comb until you reach the crown. Spritz some finishing spray to keep the part clean of flyaways.

High Pony

Does your client have super frizzy hair during Spring? Take a cue from Beyonce herself! A high pony will help your client hide all that frizz by bundling all that hair together. Add some smoothening serum to smoothen the frizz.

The Pineapple Pony

Sweep your client’s ponytail towards their hairline, leaving a few strands left like a bang. Next, smooth the base with a strong hold styling cream/gel to keep stray hair from falling. Then, secure pony with an elastic, scrunchie, or a thin headband, depending on the thickness of your client’s hair.

The Messy Bun

Known as the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle, the Messy Bun is so easy to do. Run some curly hair styling product through the hair. Then comb it back towards the crown, leaving a few hair for a more laidback look. Secure with an elastic. Divide the ponytail into four sections, twisting each section and pinning it to the base to hide the elastic. Lightly pull the bun apart for a more natural look. Finish with the hairspray.

The Hun

Also called the half-up/half-down bun, the ‘Hun’ is an easy, fashionable way to get the hair off the face especially during Spring and Summer. All you have to do is to pull the top half into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic or headband. Twist the ponytail around the base and pin to keep it in place. If you want more of a messy look, pull the bun out slightly. Then mist with some thickening spray for slightly more volume and texture.

Curly Chignon

Apply some curly hair styling product from the root down, then dry hair with diffuser. If the curls feel soft, spritz some texture spray. Clip away a section of the front of the hair or the bangs. Then take another section, starting from the hair behind the ears and pulling it up near the crown. Twist it, then pin. Next, create a pony with the remaining hair below the occipital bone. Then roll it into a loose bun, securing it with pins. Finally, take the front section, pulling it back and twisting it to create a bun. Pin it and spritz the hairspray once again.

The Boho Look

Take a section of hair from behind the ear. Then, braid each side, securing each with an elastic that resembles the color of the hair. Once done, pin one of the braids to the opposite side, and twist the other one around the pinned braid. Finish with a smoothening cream to calm any strays.


Side-Swept Curls

Side-swept curls add elegance to any look. What’s more, it only takes a couple of minutes to do! Simply apply some curly hair styling product on the hair and create a side part. Then blow-dry that section, making sure the side parting is neat and clean.

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